Tunturi Routes App Bring back the fun in your cardio workout

Tunturi Routes App

Tunturi Routes brings back the fun in your cardio workout. Cycle, cross, run and row across the world with the help of thousands of videos. Start today and turn your workout into a new, visual and immersive experience.
  • A visual, immersive workout experience
  • Cycle, cross, run and row across the world
  • Tens of thousands of videos (€ 11,99 p/m)
  • Always 15 videos in the free version of the app
  • Compete in challenges
  • Coaching classes from home
  • Expand training profiles on your cardio equipment
Explore the world from home
Explore the world from home
Check out your next holiday destination or take a run through the famous Central Park in New York City. It's all possible with Tunturi Routes. Make use of videos that our users have uploaded from all around the world. The resistance of your cardio equipment will automatically sync with the elevation changes in the video. An immersive experience like you are really there...
Cycle, cross, run and row at your own level
Cycle, cross, run and row at your own level
Is cycling up the Alpe 'D Huez on your bucket list, but still a mountain too high? You can easily adjust the difficulty of a video, which allows you to conquer mountains at your own level and pace.
Is the road ahead not challenging enough? Then simply increase the level of difficulty to step up your game.
Follow coaching classes from home
Follow coaching classes from home
Do you want to know how to achieve maximum results with your cardio equipment? Coaches from around the world have uploaded coaching videos to the app, you can follow their instructions from your comfortable home base.
Tunturi Routes can be connected with most Tunturi cardio trainers that have a Bluetooth connection. Check out the full list of trainers that are compatible with Tunturi Routes.
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  • Hardware
    • What are the requirements to run Tunturi Routes smoothly?

      Android 5.0 and up + a GPS chipset
      1GB RAM minimum
      Note: the fullscreen mode is only available on Android 6 or higher

      IOS 10 and up

    • With which Tunturi-products is Tunturi Routes compatible?

      You can pair Tunturi Routes with our following products:



      • Tunturi Hometrainer Competence F40
      • Tunturi Hometrainer Performance E50
      • Tunturi Hometrainer Performance E60
      • Tunturi Hometrainer Endurance E80
      • Tunturi Hometrainer FitCycle 50i
      • Tunturi Hometrainer FitCycle 90i
      • Tunturi Hometrainer Star Fit E100 HR i+ Ergometer
      • Tunturi Recumbent Bike Performance E50R
      • Tunturi Recumbent Bike Endurance E80R


      • Tunturi Treadmill Competence T20 (only the models from 2020 and up)
      • Tunturi Treadmill Competence T40 (only the models from 2020 and up)
      • Tunturi Treadmill Performance T50 (only the models from 2020 and up)
      • Tunturi Treadmill Performance T60 (only the models from 2020 and up)
      • Tunturi Treadmill FitRun 40i
      • Tunturi Treadmill FitRun 50i
      • Tunturi Treadmill FitRun 70i
      • Tunturi Treadmill FitRun 90i


      • Tunturi Crosstrainer Performance C50
      • Tunturi Crosstrainer Performance C55
      • Tunturi Crosstrainer Endurance C80
      • Tunturi Crosstrainer Endurance C85
      • Tunturi Crosstrainer FitCross 50i
      • Tunturi Crosstrainer FitCross 150i
      • Tunturi Crosstrainer Star Fit C100 HR i+

    • How do I connect my equipment for the first time?

      Learn how to connect your fitness equipment to your mobile device for the first time.

    • How do I add an additionnal sensor?

      Learn how to add an additional sensor in the app

    • Why is my equipment with Bluetooth not detected? Compatible equipment with Bluetooth cannot be detected if it is already connected with a different app or device. Close all current connections and try again.
    • Can I display a video on my TV while I workout?

      Yes you can! You can use the function 'Remote Display' to display the video on your TV.

      The remote display is an interesting feature that displays your video on a bigger screen.
      Your phone or tablet becomes a remote control and the video is displayed on an external display. All interactions are made through the app. Watch the instruction video below.

      There are 2 ways to do it:
      1.   Use the browser in your smart tv to navigate to remote.kinomap.com
      2.   Connect your laptop with an HDMI cable to your tv. Navigate on your laptop to remote.kinomap.com

      Follow for both ways the instructions in the following video to connect the app with the TV.

    • Why do I get an 'error 200' when I try to use the remote display feature?

      If you encounter the 'error 200' when trying to pair your device with your internet browser, it means the port 443 on your router is not opened.

      We use this port to establish a connection with the middleware that is a platform between your device and your web browser.

      Note that on classic routers/internet box, this port is already opened. Error 200 generally occurs when you use a specific router or when you are connected to a company network with a firewall.

      The port forwarding procedure is different according to your router interface so we can't help you on that topic but you'll find all the information you need on the router's manufacturer website.

  • Gameplay
    • How do I use the remote display feature?

      The remote display is an interesting feature that displays your video on a bigger screen.
      Your phone or tablet becomes a remote control and the video is displayed on an external display. All interactions are made through the app. Watch the instruction video below.

    • How do I apply a filter on the video search?

      This video shows you how to filter videos in the Tunturi Routes video library, with and without a search query:

    • Why can't I see all the videos in the 'all video' menu?

      If you can't see any or all videos, make sure you don't have an active filter.


      By default, there are three active filters:

      1. A filter by type of video: 'Running', 'Cycling' or 'Rowing', according to the equipment that you added.
      2. The 'minimum video quality' filter, set by default to 'good'. If you want to see all the results, just move the slider to the left and select 'All'. Then you"ll see all the videos, no matter the video quality.

      3. The 'HD quality only' filter, enabled by default to display the best content possible.

      If you save selected filters, they will remain active. Select 'remove filters' to remove all active filters.

    • What is the difference between the Discovery and Challenge mode?

      When you start an activity, you can choose between two training modes. They differ in speed.

      Discovery mode: 
      The video continuously plays at the original speed and it will only pause if your speed reaches 0. Whatever your performance is, the video frame rate remains the same. You can still monitor your performance by looking at your energy output, measured in Tunturi's. Note that an export of your results to third party websites or apps, like Strava (See question: Social: How do I share an activity?) is limited to watts, and additional data like cadence and heart rate. It will not display your coordinates or map.

      Challenge mode 
      The video plays at your speed. If you are moving slower than the original video, the frame rate will slowly decrease. If you are moving faster, the frame rate increases to up to twice the original speed. You can use this mode to compete in challenges and you can export your results to third party websites or apps(See question: Social: How do I share an activity?), with full coordinates and a map of your virtual ride.

    • Can I change the difficulty level during my training session?

      You can change the level of resistance during your workout, according to your preference:

    • What is the meaning of the difficulty scale 1 to 5?

      The scale makes it easier to choose a video that suits your level of training.

      The difficulty is based on the calculated energy spent for each video. Factors that are taken into account are: distance, duration, elevation and the original pace of the video.

      For example, a level 1 video is composed of a small distance and almost no elevation, whereas a level 5 video has a longer distance, usually more elevation gain, and a higher pace.

      The best way to set your level is to test a video on each difficulty. When several videos from the same level become easy, you are ready to train on the next level.

    • Is it possible to download a video?

      Yes, you can download videos locally in SD, HD and FHD format. It's quite easy:





    • How do I join a multiplayer session?

      Join contestants all around the world in multiplayer scheduled sessions and compare yourself to other Tunturi Routes users. You can also create challenges for your follower group.

      Note: multiplayer sessions are only available with a paid subscription 

      This video shows how to join challenges en how to setup challenges:

    • What is interval training?

      Interval training is a type of training that involves a series of low to high intensity workouts, interspersed with periods of rest or relief. Varying the intensity of your effort exercises the heart muscle, providing a cardiovascular workout. This improves your aerobic capacity and permits you to exercise longer and / or at a more intense level.

      There are 17 available interval exercises, 6 of them are available in the free version of the app.

      After selecting your exercise, you can adjust the duration of the training session with the ‘<’ and ‘>’ arrows. When ready, tap ‘start’.

      You can choose between one or two modes, Resistance or Power, depending on the compatibility of your equipment:


      You define a resistance level and once your activity starts, you can increase or decrease the difficulty by tapping the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ button. The difficulty is shown in %, which is the percentage of the maximum resistance of your equipment.

      You define a power target and the resistance automatically changes to make you produce that amount of power. Once your activity starts, you can increase or decrease the power target by tapping the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ button. If you see a green line, that means you are near your target. The orange line means you are drawing away from your goal, you have to either increase the target power or slow down.

    • What do the colors in the elevation chart mean?

      Each color specifies the grade (%) of the ascent or descent.

  • Account
    • Is Tunturi Routes a free app?

      You can choose between the free and paid version. The free version always gives you access to 15 different videos. If you want to have access to all videos, over 275.000 kilometers of routes, you can purchase a subscription. Read more about the available subscription models in the question below.

    • What are the available subscription models?

      You can use Tunturi Routes for free, or with a purchased subscription.

      1. 1. Free 
        With the free version, you can access 15 videos without needing an additional subscription. You can still benefit from all the features the app has to offer. For example, you can create a (Kinomap) account to keep track of all your workouts.

      2. 2. Monthly
        You can purchase a monthly subscription for € 11,99 p/m directly in the App Store or Google Play Store. A subscription gives you access to the full video database and can be cancelled at any time.

    • How do I adjust my privacy settings?

      You can adjust your privacy settings in your user account.

      1. Go to www.kinomap.com
      2. Log in with your credentials
      3. Click on your avatar in the top right corner
      4. Click on 'Settings'

      Here, you will see the 'Confidentiality' option on the left.

      This page lets you:

      1. Define the default status of your activities. By default it is set to Public, which means that everyone is able to see the the details of your activities (average speed, power, cadence, heart rate). When you set it to private mode, only you can see those details.
      2. Define your visibility in rankings. If you select 'yes', your overall performance (but not the details of your activities) is visible and can be compared to all others users who trained with the same video.


  • Social
    • How do I share an activity?

      Once you finish your training session, you can export your results to different external apps automatically or manually:

      • Strava
      • Training Peaks
      • Runkeeper
      • E-mail

      Note: You can only export your results to Strava, Training Peaks and Runkeeper with a premium account. Facebook is no longer available because of new restrictions concerning automatic sharing.

      Go to Kinomap.com to manage the export to third-party apps. You have two options:

        You can choose to export automatically once you finish your workout. Manage the apps from the website or directly from the app: go to 'main menu', 'my connections' and you will see the following page: 

        Select the app or apps you want to use. Your identification is automatically saved, so you only have to log in once to each app.

      2. MANUALLY
        Go to your 'activity history' and select the activity you wish to share. Tap the yellow sharing icon in the bottom right corner.

        You will see a full list of sharing possibilities. Choose the requested option and when completed, you will see a confirmation: 


Tunturi Routes App Tunturi Routes brings back the fun in your cardio workout. Cycle, cross, run and row across the world with the help of thousands of videos. Start today and turn your workout into a new, visual and immersive experience.
Scandinavian design Different, quirky, simple and beautiful. The unique Tunturi design had its origin in Scandinavia with its distinctive tradition for design. Compact, clean lines and always characterised by specific details.
Multi-year warranty All of our products have an extensive warranty term. We want you to be satisfied with your fitness products. If not, neither are we.
Tunturi, the fitness pioneer The Tunturi W1 was the first exercise bike with ergometer in 1969. The starting point of the fitness market and culture as we know it today
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