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1.1 What is the difference between a front and rear driven cross trainer

The training method and movement form are completely different. Some like the longer stroke of the powered elliptical cross trainer, ideal for weight reduction or rehabilitation. The rear-powered elliptical trainer has a shorter and steeper stroke, sporty and intense. There is no difference at one point: they both give you a pleasant and comfortable workout!

1.2 Can I assemble the Tunturi trainers myself?

That is certainly possible! All Tunturi trainers come with an extensive manual in 8 different languages ​​(German, Spanish, Finnish, French, English, Italian, Dutch and Swedish). With the help of this manual it is possible to assemble the trainer. Is this not possible? A number of our authorized dealers have an assembly service.

1.3 Can I immediately report my problem or disruption to Tunturi?

All our authorized dealers have sufficient professional knowledge and experience during training. This allows him to solve the malfunction or problem in many cases. For quick handling, Tunturi recommends that you first report the malfunction or problem to the dealer. If the dealer cannot solve the problem, he will contact us.

1.4 I miss a part. Can I order this from Tunturi?

It is possible to order worn-out or lost parts from Tunturi Fitness. Fill in the service form for this. Our service team will contact you about the question and the missing item.

1.5 How many years of warranty do I get on a Tunturi trainer?

As you are used to from us, Tunturi Fitness takes responsibility for the service on the purchased Tunturi Fitness products.

We distinguish 3 user environments, where the quality of our products and the degree of use determine the guarantee.

Home use:        All our products are suitable for home use.
Professional use: Various products can be used professionally, such as the Tunturi Endurance collection and the Platinum Pro collection. Can be a professional environment; hospitals, physiotherapists, hotels, schools, small studios / gyms, fire brigades and police stations.
Commercial use: The Platinum Pro collection can be used in a commercial environment without any limitation in usage time. We mean a commercial environment; environments where long-term and intensive use is made of our products such as large 24/7 gyms Basic Fit, Fit for Free etc.

How many years of warranty do I get?
Warranty for home use
Tunturi Cardio Fit 2 years
Tunturi Competence 3 years
Tunturi Performance 3 years
Tunturi Endurance 3 year
Platinum PRO 3 years
Tunturi / Bruce Lee Power 2 years
Platinum PRO Strength 3 years
Warranty for professional / commercial use
Tunturi Cardio Fit Not suitable for professional / commercial use
Tunturi Competence Not suitable for professional / commercial use
Tunturi Performance Not suitable for professional / commercial use
Tunturi Endurance 2 year
Platinum PRO 2 years
Platinum PRO Strength 1 year

1.6 My trainer was not purchased from an official Tunturi dealer. Do I still have a warranty?

Tunturi products can only be purchased from officially authorized Tunturi dealers. Tunturi has made agreements with it regarding the settlement of service and warranty issues. As a result, it is not possible to claim service or warranty from non-official Tunturi dealers.

Therefore, check carefully that the store where the trainer will be purchased is an authorized Tunturi dealer.

1.7 Where can I find my serial number?

The serial number can always be found next to the adapter connection. If the trainer works on batteries, the serial number is at the bottom of the large plastic cover on the back of the trainer.

1.8 Which heart rate belt can I use with a Tunturi trainer?

Tunturi trainers work with Tunturi or Polar heart rate belts as long as they have a receiver with 5 kHz.

1.9 Is it possible to train on a heartbeat with Tunturi trainers?

That is possible. Most trainers have heart rate sensors that measure the heart rate through the hands. In addition, it is possible for a number of trainers to use a chest strap.
Trainers from the Performance, Endurance and Platinum PRO collection also have heart rate programs. It is then possible to enter a target heart rate. The computer will always map out a training program around this heartbeat.

1.10 Does the transmitter not work properly?

To properly identify the problem, it is important to check a number of things.

Battery strength: A chest strap is a device that sends a signal. This signal cannot be sent without power. The transmitter in the chest strap is powered by the built-in battery. With normal use, this battery lasts for about three years, but it also gradually loses power when the transmitter is not being used. If the transmitter is not working properly, there may be a problem with the

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