Rowing Machines

A rowing machine is a versatile training device. You train the whole body. Simultaneously, you work on your endurance and build muscle strength. It is the ideal fitness device for at home or in the gym, whether you are beginner or advanced.

What muscles do you train with a rowing machine?

With a rowing machine, also called 'rowing trainer' or 'rower', you train the whole body. This is because you perform a wide range of actions while rowing: start and increase speed, pull back, pull and roll back.

A good workout on a rowing machine allows you to train the glutes, legs (thighs, calves, hamstrings and shins), back muscles, arms (biceps and triceps), shoulders and abs.

When starting off you mainly train the shins, glutes and shoulders. The pull backs are great for the glutes and leg muscles, the calves and thighs. During the pull phase, your shoulder and back muscles are active and you use the biceps and triceps. When rolling back, your abdominal muscles need to work hard to stay balanced.

What are the benefits of a rowing machine?

The movements on a rowing machine are easy to learn. Training on a rowing machine forces all the muscles in the body to work. In addition, the rowing machine allows you to work on your stamina and endurance. This has a beneficial effect on various elements in the body, such as your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Thus you work on your overall fitness, which will benefit you when you do other sports or activities that require more effort.

Can you lose weight with a rowing machine?

A rowing machine is perfectly suitable for losing weight. Half an hour of moderate to intensive training allows you to quickly burn 300 to 370 calories. That burn continues even after you’ve completed your workout.

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