Abdominal & Core trainers

An abdominal & back trainer is a versatile fitness device. You train your entire musculature body, not just your abdomen but also your back. This ensures that you perform exercises better and longer, while protecting yourself from back pain and injuries.

What do you train with an abdomen and back trainer?

The abdomen and back trainer is also known as a core trainer. A strong core allows you to do all kinds of exercises more frequently and with increased quality, such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats and deadlifts. With the abdomen and back trainer you train all the muscles in the back, including the middle back muscles and the often ignored lower back muscles. You train the abdominal muscles at the same time. You also work on the erector spinae muscle group, which allows you to adopt a straight back and thus a good posture. In addition, most abdomen and back trainers allow you to also train – to a lesser extent – several muscle groups in the legs and buttocks, depending on the exercises you do.

What are the health benefits of an abdomen and back trainer?

Training your core has many short and long term advantages. Solid back muscles prevent injuries in the lower back. This is a common problem among people who are fanatical about strength training of 'the big three' (bench presses, squats and deadlifts). Furthermore, by training your core you improve your posture, you will walk upright and your posture will improve. This is also an investment for the future. With the passage of years, the chance of back problems increases. Back complaints can be overcome by training the muscles in your back. In addition, people with a seated job often neglect their abdominal muscles due to their forward-leaning posture at the desk. As a result, the trunk muscles as a whole decrease over time. If you work out with a back and abdomen trainer, you put a halt to the declining process and you work on a robust body musculature for the future.

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