Flat Benches

A flat bench is used in many strength exercises. The bench allows you to stand, sit or lie in the right position to perform many different exercises. Some benches are flat, while others are adjustable in height.

What do you use a flat bench for?

A flat bench is also known as a flat weight bench or a flat workout bench. It is a regular, stable and firm training partner for many different exercises. The flat workout bench allows you to perform many different strength exercises. Bench presses are a good example of this. Weight bench presses, weight flyes and shoulder presses are also suitable for the flat weight bench. If you only use the bench for exercises such as bench presses or incline presses, you mainly train the chest, arms and shoulders. You can train the whole body if the flat bench has a leg roller or if you combine the bench with weights or weight bars.

What are the advantages of a flat bench?

A flat bench is an all-round device and is particularly popular in the gym. It is also safe for home use and is therefore ideal; You never have to wait for your turn and you can train when and as long as you want without people waiting for their turn. Some flat benches are adjustable in height or position. These have the advantage that you can emphasize certain muscles by adjusting the training angle. If you're going specifically for a weight bench, it has a built-in rack for storing the weight bars and discs.

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