Home Gym accessories

A home gym provides you with a complete gym in your home. If you want to tailor the home gym to your specific workout needs, you can expand it with a variety of accessories.

Why do you have to find variety in your workouts?

Variety of exercises is essential for building strength and muscle. If you do the same set of exercises over and over again, the workout becomes more comfortable and easier. In six to eight weeks, your body gets used to a workout routine. Over time, workouts no longer offer a real challenge for the body and mind, and you no longer work effectively on building muscle mass and strength. It is therefore important that a workout continues to offer variety and thus a challenge. That can be a real boost for your motivation.

What accessories are there for a home gym?

You can achieve this variety by expanding a home gym with various home gym accessories. For example, a revolving triceps rope, triceps bar (rubber) or triceps press-down bar give you an extra option for training the arm and shoulder muscles. With the rowing grip bar, row handle and strap handles, you expand the possibilities for training your upper body. With an ankle strap, you have extra options to train your lower body.

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