Why your core is so important for you

Why your core is so important for you

Whatever exercises you do during sports or an intense workout, you always need them: your core muscles. In fact, you also often use them in everyday life. Gardening, painting, vacuuming, climbing stairs or taking a child on the arm: you can do all these things because of your core muscles.

<h3><strong>Which muscles does your core consist of?</strong></h3>

Which muscles does your core consist of?

When it comes to the core muscles, the first thing you probably think of is your abdominal muscles. This is often the focus in many workouts — one of the main reasons is that your abdominal muscles give a clearly visible result when you train them effectively. But in fact, your core covers the entire torso, and consists of no less than 29 muscles; from your abdominal muscles to your glutes, back muscles and pelvic floor muscles.

What are the benefits of training your core?

Strengthening your core muscles has many advantages. We'll name a few of those now:

  • A strong core reduces the risk of injury. Because your body is more stable and can better absorb unexpected strength, you have less chance of falling, straining a muscle or overloading a part of your body.

  • It reduces (lower) back pain. Sit down, we do it a lot in our daily lives, especially for those of us who have an office job. Sitting puts a lot of pressure and load on the lower back, especially if the muscles are not strong enough. Training your core ensures that those muscles can better cope with the load of sitting, which reduces or even dissolves back pain altogether.

  • A stronger core improves workout performance. Your core is responsible for many of the twisting, lifting and bending movements your body makes. During a workout, a trained core gives you more stability and endurance for many different exercises, thus you can perform them more effectively and for longer periods.

  • Strengthening your core means strengthening your (torso) stability. You will benefit from this in everyday life, such as gardening and vacuuming or lifting up a child. Moreover, as you get older, it is often more difficult to find your stability. Training your core helps you maintain that stability.

  • Training your core ensures a better posture. By strengthening the core muscles, especially your abdomen and back, you stand up and sit right.

Do you want to work on your core? We have equipment and accessories that make training your core a success!


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