What's the difference between a yoga mat and a fitness mat?

What's the difference between a yoga mat and a fitness mat?

A mat is perhaps one of the most versatile sporting accessories. You can use a mat for many different exercises and sports, not just fitness or yoga. They are available in different thicknesses and can be made from various materials, and often you can also choose fun colours and prints.

And you can also choose between different types of mats. For example, you can choose between a yoga mat and a fitness mat. But what's the difference and do you really need to use a yoga mat for yoga and a fitness mat for fitness?

What are the differences between a yoga mat and a fitness mat?

A yoga mat and a fitness mat are not the same, they differ in a number of important points. You can take those points into account when choosing a mat. We'll list them here for you.



In addition to the thickness of the mat, the density is also important. Higher density ensures more stability and comfort. Do you do exercises that exert a greater load on the mat? Then choose a mat with a greater density.


Are you environmentally conscious and would you like an eco-friendly yoga mat? Those are also available. For example, choose a cork yoga mat.

When do you choose a fitness mat?

If you do exercises that put more strain on the mat, such as abdominal exercises or training with weights, it is best to opt for a fitnessmat. This mat gives more support because it is thicker. The exercises become more comfortable because the surface is softer. In addition, you do not have to be afraid that the mat will suddenly shoot away from under you while performing exercises. A fitness mat is also easy to clean.

When to choose a yoga mat?

If you practice yoga on a hard surface such as the living room floor or the yoga studio, a yoga mat is ideal. A mat is more comfortable, warmer for the hands and feet and prevents you from slipping. In addition, it is more hygienic because yoga can make you sweat a lot.


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