The benefits of exercising at home

The benefits of exercising at home

Exercising can be done anytime and anywhere. You really don't have to hit the gym three times a week or go on trails every other day or jogging on the streets in 35 degrees or while it’s snowing. You can also train at home if you have limited space!

There are plenty of opportunities to train at home and stay healthy and fit. Exercising at home can be a temporary solution, but also works great in the longer term. "But then I need a complete gym!" we hear you say. No, that is not true! Training at home does not require a complete gym in the basement or attic. It just requires a smart approach.

Working from home is increasingly the norm, even after corona. That is because we have discovered the benefits of working from home, because we are more productive at home than in a busy workplace and because the employer has opted for flexible workplaces. Or maybe you are a student and you spend a lot of time in your room studying. Whatever situation you are in, being at home provides the perfect opportunity to get enough exercise. If you organize the space at home correctly, you can perform a varied workout every day without needing a lot of square meters.


Smart ways to exercise at home

Would you like to go for a walk or jog, but is that not an option due to the bad weather or do you just prefer to stay inside? The Cardio Fit T10 Treadmill is only sixteen centimeters high. When you're done working out, you simply slide it under the bed or you put it upright in the closet.

Do you like to train with weights? Dumbbells don't have to swing around the room at all. The Selector Dumbbell is an all-in-one device and you can easily choose a weight without the dumbbells lying all over the room. Prefer loose dumbbells? Use the dumbbell rack to tidy them up neatly and to keep the floor free of weights. Do you train with dumbbells? These can be stored in a disc & bar standard.

Do you want to give the muscles of your upper body a good workout? An adjustable door pull-up bar does not take up any space at all, but guarantees a good training of your arm, chest and back muscles. This also applies to the resistance trainer, with which you train your core strength, endurance and flexibility through resistance – the name says it all. Are you done working out? Then you roll up the band and place it with the rest of the accessories in the supplied bag, which you then put in a closet. A core trainer like the CT80 takes up a little more space, but is still easy to fold and slide into a closet.

Do you like doing yoga or pilates? These are sports that you can easily do at home. A fitness mat or yoga mat is indispensable for a comfortable exercise. Resistance bands and power bands, foam rollers and balance boards, medicine balls, yoga blocks and a pilates ring, they all fit easily in a drawer, in the closet or under a desk.


The benefits of training at home

Not quite convinced yet? We will now list a few benefits of exercising at home:

  • You invest some money once and it will benefit you for years to come, without monthly recurring gym or subscription costs
  • You save time, after all you don't have to leave the house
  • At home you are in a familiar environment without people keeping an eye on you
  • You train whenever you want, even if you want to do a few exercises between working or studying
  • You can use objects in the house, such as water bottles, (heavy) books and furniture

There can also be pitfalls to working out at home 

  • You can be more easily distracted at home and think 'I'll do that tomorrow'
  • At home you don't have extra motivation from people around you to go that extra mile

Looking for accessories for sports at home? We have an extensive range of devices and accessories that require little space but offer great (sports) benefits!


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