The advantages of boot camp

The advantages of boot camp

Do you enjoy fresh air, vigorous exercise and spending time with other people? Then you need to try a boot camp! Boot camp is a combination of discipline, struggle and perseverance. It is a full-body workout where you use everything you have at your disposal and in which no workout is the same.

Boot camp has many benefits for body and mind. So, it's no wonder that it is on the rise and has been conquering Europe since 2000.

Where does boot camp come from?

Boot camp, as the name suggests, is not a Dutch invention. Boot camp originated in the US military. Soldiers were trained in a very intensive way in a short time with the equipment that was available at the time; ropes, tree trunks, car tires, benches, people’s own body weight. Everything was used to make you fitter and stronger.
Boot camp arrived in Europe around 1999. It immediately got welcomed by the general public, and it is now an indispensable part of a full-body workout.


What are the benefits of boot camp?

Bootcamp has a lot of advantages – and a few potential disadvantages. We have listed the most important ones for you.

<h3>You burn a lot of calories</h3>

You burn a lot of calories

Because boot camp is (very) intensive and you target many different muscle groups in one workout, your body has to work hard and you burn extra calories. That can add up to 500 calories in just an hour of boot camp!

Boot camp is for beginners and advanced

Because you make use of everything that you come across (or can easily take with you) during a workout, you can always train at your own level. Boot camp training sessions are usually offered for beginners and advanced. More or less intensive, lower or shorter training; workouts can be easily adapted to the level.

Boot camp is stress-reducing

Exercising in the open air is good for body and mind. The fresh air, being physically active, having people you can talk to, the green surroundings, clearing your head completely, the endorphins that are released during exercise. Boot camps make stress disappear instantaneously and gives you renewed energy.


The ‘disadvantages’ of boot camp

Boot camp doesn't only have benefits. There can also be downsides. We purposely write 'can', because you often have some control over these disadvantages.

You can overtrain

As a result of group pressure you can sometimes go a little too far or too fast, especially when in a large group and if the trainer has lost the individual overview. This can result in overextending or injury. So always listen to your body and know your limits.

It's not always nice weather

Not everyone minds training in the pouring rain. But if you don't like that or if there isn't enough opportunity to cool down and put on dry clothes after a workout, you can catch a cold.
Are you as excited about boot camp as we are? We have various products that make your boot camp a success!



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