What is the difference between a strength bag and a Bulgarian bag?

What is the difference between a strength bag and a Bulgarian bag?

You've probably come across both terms: Bulgarian bags and strength bags. Both are bags, and both are for strength training. But what is the difference between the two bags? And which one is best suited for your training goals?

Let's start with the definitions of both bags.

What is a strength bag?

A strength bag is straight and has an elongated shape, like a stick of English liquorice. It is also known as a “power bag”, “sandbag” or “fitness bag”. The strength bag is filled with sand that moves back and forth during exercises. As a result, your body must work hard to ensure that you stay in balance and thus more muscles are used than if you were making the same movement repeatedly. So, a good power bag is an unstable strength bag.

A strengthbag has handles so you can have a good grip and lift the bag. Fitness bags are available in various weights, from 5 kilos to as much as 50 kilos. A sandbag is therefore very suitable for training with forward and backward movements. It allows you to push, pull, press, swing and even throw. Due to the versatility of the strength bag, you can see it as a combination of a kettlebell, medicine ball and barbell.

Whether you choose a Bulgarian bag or a strength bag, both bags are indispensable accessories for training deep muscles that are difficult to reach with dumbbells or weights, for example.


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