Indiaca: what is it and how do you play it

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Indiaca: what is it and how do you play it

You've probably seen it before on the beach or in the park. Two teams (or two people) facing each other in a game that is very similar to volleyball. But in this game there is no ball involved. Instead, a large shuttle with a feather shuttle is used. The game is called Indiaca, which originates from Brazil and is rapidly gaining popularity in Europe. It is a fun and intensive game for (almost) all ages.

In Brazil they know it as 'Peteca', which is mainly played on the beach. But you can play it anywhere: in the garden, on the campsite, in the park. You can play it in any location that has enough space for two teams to challenge each other.

How to play Indiaca

Indiaca is also played at a professional level. Officially, an Indiaca field is 16 meters long and 6.10 meters wide, and divided in the middle by a net. How high the net is hung depends on the age of the players, but usually it is between 2 and 2.35 meters. A team consists of five players.

From the right at the back of the field, the shuttle is hit towards the field of the opposing team. This is also called the service. Your opponent must hit the shuttle back without it touching the ground. Each team is allowed to touch the shuttle a maximum of three times before it is struck over the net. Touching is allowed with the hand or the arm (up to the elbow). Only the team that has done the service can get points. You score a point if the shuttle hits the ground within the lines in your opponent´s half or if the opponent makes a mistake (such as touching more than three times before the shuttle is played back).

Het team dat als eerste 25 punten heeft gehaald (met minstens twee punten verschil van de andere partij), heeft gewonnen. Er worden drie sets gespeeld. De partij die twee van de drie sets wint heeft het spel gewonnen. De Indiaca Tournament Shuttle is specially made for (professional) tournaments. They have real turkey feathers and are strong and uncreased for the best playing experience.

Indiaca with rackets

An Indiaca shuttle is lightweight and easy to take to, for example, the campsite or the park. The Indiaca Play is very suitable for this and is available separately as a recreational shuttle.

Do you play the game with children or do you want a little variety in the Indiaca game? Then play Indiaca Tennis! Here you do not hit the shuttle over the net with your hand, but with a special Indiaca racket.

Also fancy a little (de)tension during your holiday? With Indiaca you can be sure that you will stay active during the holidays!


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