The importance of using support tools in strength training

The importance of using support tools in strength training

Strength training is good for your body, provided you perform the exercises correctly and safely. An example of how you can achieve this is having a person keep an eye on you while you are doing dumbbell exercises. But there are also other simple but valuable 'tools' that protect your body.

Wrist wraps, magnesium, gloves, lifting straps and belts; this is just a small selection from the range of protective equipment that can provide support to you while doing strength training. We would like to highlight a few useful accessories for strength training.

<h3>Wrist wraps</h3>

Wrist wraps

Wrist wraps are indispensable for weight and dumbbell workouts, but also for doing bench presses. In this type of strength workouts, your wrists often have to endure a lot. Wrist wraps – an elastic band that is wrapped around your wrists and is then secured with Velcro – supports your wrist joint while doing heavy exercises that strain your wrists. They ensure a more balanced power transfer by keeping your wrists in the right position. This helps prevent injuries. In addition, they prevent your wrists from folding twice.



Gloves, like magnesium, provide a firm grip during workouts. In addition, gloves protect your palms and prevent the formation of calluses. They are multifunctional; gloves are not only useful for strength training, they are also indispensable for rowing en cycling, to name a few examples.



Belts are an excellent addition to strength training, especially if you already have a little more experience and are looking for an extra challenge in your workouts. For example, you can attach a dumbbell disc to the metal chain of a dipping belt , also known as a dumbbell belt. This requires your muscles to work even harder to push up the weighted body weight. The neck belt allows you to train the neck muscles, including the trapezius, which is an important neck muscle that you use when lifting weights and stabilizing your head.

When you do strength training, it doesn't hurt to get some extra support. Check out our range and find out which tools will benefit your workout.


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