Cross Fit, strength training or HIIT: which suits you best?

Cross Fit, strength training or HIIT: which suits you best?

Strength training, Cross Fit, HIIT; there are many fitness terms around. Can't separate the wheat from the chaff? We pave the way for you with explanations of these three types of fitness training.

<h3>What is Cross Fit?</h3>

What is Cross Fit?

Cross Fit is a 'next level' workout. Cross Fit incorporates a number of power elements, but it is so much more than that. Cross Fit consists of various exercises derived from other sports in combination with other forms of movement and training. You can think of swimming, weightlifting and gymnastics, as well as rope climbing, push-ups and athletics. For this you can go out and train with what you encounter, but you can also choose a cross fit rack with accessories, or separate accessories such as a plyo box or Cross Fit trainer.

Cross Fit does not make you excel in a particular exercise or discipline. It does ensure that your general fitness level improves. It doesn't make you super muscular, but your body is well trained. Moreover, a workout is never boring; Cross Fit is synonymous with variation. You work on flexibility, (muscle strength) endurance, speed, agility, coordination and balance. But whatever you do, Cross Fit exercises are performed with high intensity.

<h3>Wat suits you best: strength training, Cross Fit of HIIT?</h3>

Wat suits you best: strength training, Cross Fit of HIIT?

Which of the training forms suits you best depends on your workout goals. As described above, each form has its own, unique effect on your body and has its advantages and disadvantages. Are you going for endurance, muscle mass or cardio, are you someone of gradual progress or do you like to go to the max? Look closely at your body and your goals and choose the best and most suitable type of training.
You can also perfectly combine them due to their differences. But always keep enough rest and give your body time to recover! Are you new to each of these types of workouts? Don't let the internet be your guide, but choose a personal companion. Only in this way will you avoid injuries and achieve the best result.

Got excited for strength training, Cross Fit or HIIT? We have various equipment and accessories that make your workout a success!


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