Bring the outdoors indoors with Tunturi Routes

Bring the outdoors indoors with Tunturi Routes

The summer season is almost over and the dark days are just around the corner. It's time to move your workout from outside to inside again. But of course, looking at the wall inside on your cardio trainer or looking at the traffic passing by is not as nice as working out in nature. We give you five good reasons to continue your workouts indoors with Tunturi Routes.

1. Find new motivation

Training regularly is the key to success in achieving your fitness goals. You can do this with the help of a device such as a cardio trainer. But a device is also just a means to reach a certain goal. The real challenge lies in maintaining the discipline and motivation needed to achieve your workout goals.

A training device is a godsend if the weather is not good for an outdoor workout. Training outdoors requires more willpower, especially on rainy or windy days or when it's dark. For example, when you train at home, you don't have to worry about the traffic rushing by.

With Tunturi Routes, you can keep your training varied and challenging. It offers new motivation for the next workout, even when the weather isn't good to train outside.

3. Keep track of your performance

Tunturi Routes keeps track of all your training stats, such as speed, distance, time and wattage. These are valuable parameters to track your progress and improve your results. Nothing is more motivating than literally being able to see that you are getting faster or stronger or making progress!

Example: Would you like to monitor your heart rate because you want to train on heart rate? This can be done via the integrated heart rate sensors that you find on most cardio devices. For the most accurate result, pair a heart rate monitor with the app. That way, you can keep exact track of your fitness progress.

5 Upload your own route or video

Do you have a favourite route that you would like to do indoors? Or did you walk, cycle or row a nice route during the holidays and recorded it with a GoPro, action camera or app such as Runkeeper or Strava? Upload the route in the app and relive your holiday workout! That makes your training a recognizable experience even during the cold, dark or wet days.

The map function of Tunturi Routes allows you to upload your own GPX data route. For example, try the La Vuelta 2022 routes: we have already prepared the first stage in Utrecht (La Vuelta 2022 stage 1) for you.

Need help uploading your own video? In our FAQ we explain step-by-step how to do it.

Download Tunturi Routes and turn your regular workout into a new visual experience.


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