Tunturi Lat Pulldown Bar, 70 cm

Want to take your back, arm, and shoulder training to the next level? Then choose the Tunturi Lat Pulldown Bar. The bar is made of durable, stainless steel and has four knurled handles for extra grip.

Want to take your back, arm, and shoulder training to the next level? Then choose the Tunturi Lat Pulldown Bar. The bar is made of durable, stainless steel and has four knurled handles for extra grip. It fits on any training device with a pulley system, from any brand. Thanks to its sturdy quality, the lat pulldown bar is also suitable for professional use.

The benefits of the Tunturi Lat Pulldown Bar - 70 cm:
• Can be attached to the pulley of any training device
• The ring-hook closure rotates 360° to prevent loss of strength and grip
• The four handles are knurled for extra grip
• Ergonomic shape for the correct posture and less impact on stress
• Made of high-quality steel: strong, stainless, and durable

Essential accessory for upper body training
The Tunturi Lat Pulldown Bar is an essential accessory for any exercise machine with a pulley system. The bar trains the muscles of three important parts of your upper body: back, arms, and shoulders. You can easily attach the bar to your device with a carabiner hook (not included). The connection point on the bar rotates 360°, so you never lose strength or grip during your workout. The lat pulldown bar is made of 100% stainless steel and can handle even the most heavy-duty training conditions, at home and in the gym.

Compatible with any cable station
The lat pulldown bar is universally usable, on any cable station from any brand.
• Strength stations
• Leverage Pulley Gyms
• Smith Machines
• Pulley Stations
• Fitness racks

Multifunctional and ergonomically shaped
The pulldown bar is 70 cm wide and has four different handles: two wide and two narrow. With the wide handles, you mainly train the upper and outer back muscles. With the narrow handles, you focus more on the inner back muscles and your biceps and triceps. All handles are knurled so that you always maintain a firm grip. The ergonomic shape of the bar helps you find the correct posture during each exercise. Extra advantage: the curved shape also relieves your joints.

About Tunturi
Feel better every day. That is the motto of Tunturi. Our origins lie in Finland, where two brothers started a bicycle shop in 1922. Now, over 100 years later, we are a Dutch company and a global brand. We support you on your journey to a healthy and fit body, a balanced mind, and a happy life. We do this with a wide range of cardio and strength training devices, accessories, and supporting apps. It’s a range that is constantly expanding and improving, with quality products and excellent guarantees. Can't find your way or do you have questions? Our service team is ready to assist you.

We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy good and healthy exercise, including children. That is why we donate an amount of every purchase you make to the Fitkids foundation. Together, we ensure that children with disabilities can play a sport.

• Dimensions: L 70 x W 16 x H 10 cm
• Weight: 4.2 kg
• Material: stainless steel
• Color: silver
• Also suitable for professional use
• SKU: 14TUSCL451
• EAN: 8717842035290

Scandinavian design Different, quirky, simple and beautiful. The unique Tunturi design had its origin in Scandinavia with its distinctive tradition for design. Compact, clean lines and always characterised by specific details.
Multi-year warranty All of our products have an extensive warranty term. We want you to be satisfied with your fitness products. If not, neither are we.
Tunturi, the fitness pioneer The Tunturi W1 was the first exercise bike with ergometer in 1969. The starting point of the fitness market and culture as we know it today
Something for everyone In our wide product range you can find a product for every fitness purpose. Whether you train once a week or every day, we have the product that fits your needs and requirements.
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