What are the advantages of push-ups and pull-ups?

What are the advantages of push-ups and pull-ups?

Push-ups are probably one of the most well-known workouts. And rightly so. Push-ups, like pull-ups, are relatively simple exercises that you can do (almost) anywhere and which train many different muscle groups. For the basic exercises, you don't need anything else but yourself: you train with your own body weight. If you do want a more intensive workout, you can get accessories that take up very little space.

Besides push-ups, pull-ups are also very popular and good for your body. Lifting is another exercise that requires little more than your own body weight. It is also called a "bodyweight exercise".

Which muscle groups do you train with push-ups?

Push-ups use many different muscles, especially in your upper body. The largest muscle group you train are your chest muscles. You also use your arm muscles (biceps and triceps), your shoulders, your lower and upper back and your abdominal muscles. In addition, you use your pelvis and legs while doing push-ups.

How to do the perfect push-up

  1. 1. Put your hands with your fingers forward next to your chest and lie flat on your stomach on the floor.
  2. 2. Then come up into a plank position, with your toes on the ground. Tense your abdominal muscles, back muscles and buttock muscles. In this way, you prevent a hollow or bulging back.
  3. 3. Lower yourself gently by bending your arms.
  4. 4. When you reach the ground, push yourself up explosively while keeping your body as straight as a plank.
Is this your first time or is it a bit intense? Do not do push-ups from your feet, but from your knees. Then you can slowly build up to push-ups from your feet.

Intensify your workout

Push-ups and pull-ups are true bodyweight workouts. You train with your own body weight. If you want a more intensive workout, there are several accessories to choose from. Of course, the wall-mounted pull-up bar allows you to perform pull-ups safely at home. Power towers and fitness racks usually also have a pull-up bar, and offer the possibility of many more different workouts.

Do you want to make things easier for yourself? Powerbands are a kind of elastic band that you attach to the pull-up bar and that you use to place your feet on. Every time you pull up, the elastic band helps you a little on your way up. Then use your own body weight to push the elastic down again.

Push-ups can be intensified in different ways. For example, by putting your feet up in an elevation, such as a (low) workout bench, , but a stool will also do. You then put more emphasis on training the upper part of your chest muscles. If you put your hands instead of your feet on the elevated part, you will train the lower part of your chest muscles. If you want to make the entire push-up more intense, you can put weight on your back, such as a bumper plate. Make sure you place the weight in the middle of your back and keep your balance to prevent you from training in a "crooked" position. Do you want extra training for balance? Then put your hands on dumbbells and use them to push off. Because you no longer have your hands flat on the ground, your body has to try harder to keep its balance and you intensify the workout.

Enthusiastic about push-ups and pull-ups? Download Tunturi Training for free workouts and tutorials on how to do the exercises properly. Intensify the workouts? Then take a look at the various accessoires that Tunturi has to offer!


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