The right foundation for boxing at home

The right foundation for boxing at home

There you are. You have completely emptied the lumber room and turned it into a workout room, the boxing gloves are firmly attached and you are wearing the head protector. You're all set! But... for what exactly?

The first clear step is the will to start. But then comes step two. Because how exactly do you start boxing?

Basic boxing techniques

When you start boxing, it is important that you first learn the basic techniques yourself. Read carefully on the internet, watch instructional videos or take a few lessons to learn the basics of boxing at a gym. The basic technique includes correct posture, balance through footwork, throwing basic punches and avoiding, blocking or absorbing punches. If you do not start with the right techniques or you learn certain manoeuvres the wrong way, then the chance of injuries is greater.

What do you need for boxing at home?

Before starting a workout it is of course important to do a warm-up. For this you can jump rope, for example with a professional and adjustable jumprope. If you want to start with shadow boxing to master the different punches and footwork, then you do not need any other material besides a mirror. Shadow boxing is also often part of a warm-up.

A speedball is also ideal for your workout room, which is more mobile than a boxing bag. It's aim is not so much to build strength but more so for training your reaction speed and rhythm. You can choose a free stand speedball or a double end ball.
A bit of an open door and actually we should have started with it, but clearly boxing gloves are the first items you buy when you go boxing. Boxing gloves protect even the most vulnerable bones in your hands and protect your potential boxing partner from the impact of the punches. You wear inner gloves under the boxing gloves so that the boxing gloves stay firmly in place. In addition, the washable inner gloves absorb the sweat. Very hygienic.

What are the benefits of boxing?

  • Boxing is a form of HIIT training. This stands for High Intensity Interval Training. During HIIT training you alternate periods of very intensive exercise with breaks. That gives a huge boost to your stamina.
  • Abs are used a lot while boxing. With well-trained abdominal muscles you get a flatter belly and you can get more strength from the larger muscle groups.
  • Boxing is a full body workout, where you train both your upper and lower body. You soon notice that you are getting stronger and that your posture is improving: for example, you walk straighter and keep your head raised.
  • With a HIIT training you burn a lot of calories. With boxing you can also lose a lot of weight.
  • Boxing de-stresses. It sounds like a cliché, but you can literally punch away the stress, frustration or anger you are feeling and put the focus on something completely different. This allows you to let it go sooner, resulting in less stress. In addition, endorphins are released during a good workout, making you feel better and happier. It is better than verbally reacting to, for example, a family member or colleague. And the punching bag doesn't mind. It was made for it.

Totally warmed up to start boxing? In our renewed boxing range we have everything to give you the best start! Have you already started boxing? Even then you will find the right items at Tunturi to develop from beginner to pro!


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