Feeling good and healthy: the benefits of a massage gun

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Feeling good and healthy: the benefits of a massage gun

Stiff muscles, persistent pain, an overall feeling of discomfort? Your muscles get put under a lot of strain during a long day of work behind your desk or after a solid workout. A good massage is the best way to get your muscles supple again. And for that you don’t always have to go to a masseur. There are pocket-sized masseurs with which you can get started on your own, such as a massage gun!

With a massage gun you always have a masseur nearby. Massage guns have different positions, with which you can perform all types of massages, from a superficial massage for relaxation to a deep massage for treating trigger points.

<h3>What does a massage do to the muscles?</h3>

What does a massage do to the muscles?

After a massage you feel a lot better. The massage activates the blood flow in your body, allowing more nutrients to be transported to the cells and waste products such as lactic acid to be removed. Lactic acid is produced by muscles during exercise and must be disposed of to prevent you from pain afterwards. But if there are 'knots' in the muscles (trigger points, a bundle of muscle tissue that sticks together so that the tissue no longer moves smoothly), then the lactic acid accumulates. The muscle in question feels heavy and tired and you can even get muscle pain. With a massage you remove the knots from the muscles, so that the lactic acid can be removed and the muscles become supple again.

<h3>The main benefits of a massage summarized</h3>

The main benefits of a massage summarized

  • It promotes blood flow, allowing nutrients to go to the muscles and removing waste products.
  • It makes the muscles supple.
  • It gives a boost to the resistance.
  • It gives peace, relaxation and a good feeling.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a massage gun?

  1. 1. The speed
    The speed. The higher the speed (RPM), the more intense the massage. Do you want a deep, intense massage? Then choose a gun that also offers higher speeds.
  2. 2. The weight
    You have to hold a massage gun yourself and keep it in the right position. The weight should not hinder you, even with longer massages.
  3. 3. The sound
    Do you easily get irritated by sound? That cancels out some of the effects of the massage. Then choose a gun with a lower number of decibels.
  4. 4. The amplitude
    Do you specifically want deep massages for muscle recovery or is a general relaxation massage sufficient? The higher the amplitude, the deeper the gun can massage.
  5. 5. The stall force 
    This is the amount of force in kilos that you can apply before the gun blocks automatically out of precaution. For deeper massages, it is better to choose a gun with a higher stall force.
  6. 6. The battery
    Do you want to massage more often and for longer periods? Then a gun with a longer battery life is preferable. The gun then needs to be charged less frequently and you run less risk of the gun suddenly switching off during a massage due to an empty battery.

Convinced of the benefits of a massage gun?

We have two massage guns in our range. The Massage Gun MG50 and the Massage Gun Mini MG30. The Massage Gun is mainly good for muscle recovery and deep massages, has twenty speeds and a battery life of up to eleven hours. Its smaller brother is mainly used for relaxation, has six speeds and a battery life of up to three hours. But whichever massage gun you choose, these 'private masseurs' are a great and unique gift!







Muscle recovery



LED touchscreen

LED lights








3 preset + 1 manual

1 manual


10 mm

6 mm





5-11 hours

2-3 hours


20W, 50-60 dB

15W, 45-50 dB


17 kg

16 kg





L 23 x W 7 x H 24.5 cm

L 10 x W 4.5 x H 15.5 cm


1360 gr

460 gr





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