Tunturi Tunturi Cardio Fit Vibration plate Exercise with balance

Tunturi Tunturi Cardio Fit Vibration plate

V20 The Tunturi Cardio Fit Vibration Plates have many benefits for the body. It is good for burning fat and building muscle, and it also improves bone density and circulation.
  • Good for burning fat, building muscle, bone density and circulation
  • Exercise without movement
  • Oscillation(V10/V20) & Vibration(V20) & Both(V20)
  • Helps against cellulitis
  • 3 programs
  • 30 different speeds
Exercise with balance
The Tunturi Cardio Fit Vibration Plate V20 is the ideal way to train without having to move yourself. The vibrations caused by the plate puts you out of balance, forcing your muscles to work hard to maintain balance. It is good for burning fat and building muscle, and it also improves bone density and circulation. In addition, it helps to fight off cellulitis.

Oscillation and vibration
The vibration plate has three positions: oscillation, vibration and a combination of the two. Vibration means that the plate goes up and down at a fast pace. Oscillation is a swing movement. Both ensure that the body is brought out of balance, forcing the muscles to tighten in order to maintain balance. This allows you to train many muscle groups without complicated exercises. The combination creates a three-dimensional workout effect for a maximum challenge. The vibration plate is also excellent for a less intense program, such as a relaxation after a workout.

The V20 has push-up handles that can be placed in two different positions for intensifying exercises. The chair is removable and suitable for neck, back, core, shoulders and thigh exercises. The V20 is equipped with transport wheels and thus you can easily store it. The V20 has a (removable) chair that you can use for neck, shoulders, back, core and thigh exercises. Ideal for intensifying or expanding on these exercises!

✔ Good for burning fat, building muscle, bone density and circulation
✔ With three functions: oscillation, vibration and a combination of both
✔ Exercise without movement
✔ Helps against cellulitis
✔ With removable chair for neck, shoulders, back, core and thigh exercises
✔ Easy to move and store
✔ With thirty different speeds
✔ With three programs and three manual modes

○ Size including chair: L 71 x W 39 x H 34 cm
○ Weight: 15 kg
○ Maximum user weight: 150 kg
○ Includes adjustable push-up handles
○ Includes two resistance tubes with handles
○ Includes remote control
○ With transport wheels
○ Product code: 19TCFV2000
○ EAN Code: 8717842033142[/tekst][/eancontent][variant][variant_V10]https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV1000_MAIN.jpg, https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV1000_1_EN.jpg, https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV1000_2_UNI.jpg, https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV1000_3_EN.jpg, https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV1000_4_EN.jpg, https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV1000_5_EN.jpg, https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV1000_6_EN.jpg, https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV1000_7_EN.jpg, https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV1000_8_EN.jpg[/variant_V10][variant_V20]https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV2000.jpg, https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV2000_1.jpg, https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV2000_2.jpg, https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV2000_3.jpg, https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV2000_4.jpg, https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV2000_5.jpg, https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV2000_6.jpg, https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV2000_7.jpg, https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV2000_8.jpg, https://www.tunturi.org/website/Accessoires/19TCFV2000_9.jpg[/variant_V20][/variant]

Scandinavian design Different, quirky, simple and beautiful. The unique Tunturi design had its origin in Scandinavia with its distinctive tradition for design. Compact, clean lines and always characterised by specific details.
Multi-year warranty All of our products have an extensive warranty term. We want you to be satisfied with your fitness products. If not, neither are we.
Tunturi, the fitness pioneer The Tunturi W1 was the first exercise bike with ergometer in 1969. The starting point of the fitness market and culture as we know it today
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