MX Select MX55 Dumbbell 4.5 - 24.9 KG

Training with dumbbells has never been easier, compact, fast and safe. With the MX55's Rapid Change Dumbbell System, you choose your weight with a simple turn of a dial. The patented locking system holds each weight plate firmly in place.

Training with dumbbells has never been easier, compact, fast and safe. With the MX55's Rapid Change Dumbbell System, you choose your weight with a simple turn of a dial. The patented locking system holds each weight plate firmly in place, ensuring you always train safely with the familiar feel of a fixed dumbbell.

The advantages of the MX55 dumbbell
✓ Adjustable dumbbell that feels like a fixed dumbbell
✓ Rapidly change weights with one turn of the dial
✓ Always train safely thanks to the patented locking system
✓ Handle with rubber finish provides extra grip and repels bacteria
✓ Durable material ensures a balanced feel and long durability

Feels like a fixed dumbbell
Training with the MX55 gives you the safe and familiar feeling of a fixed dumbbell. The different weights are firmly locked in place and will never slide or shake. The system always forms one compact unit, no matter how many weights you select. This is because the MX55 only gets bigger when you add extra weight. You'll never have an inconvenient, half-empty dumbbell in your hand.

Ergonomically shaped, with no protruding parts
The MX55 has an ergonomically shaped handle. As a result, your hands will never cramp up during your workout. Thanks to the rubber finish, you always keep a good and firm grip during both light and heavy workouts. You can rest the dumbbell comfortably on your thigh during heavy workouts without any protruding parts pressing into your leg.

Rapid weight changes with the weight selection dial
With the MX55, you can train with ten different weights between 4.5 and 24.9 kg. You choose the weight at lightning speed with the special weight selection dial. Press the button and the dial pops up. Turn the dial to the desired position, push it back down and you're done! You can lift the dumbbell, including the selected weight, out of the cradle and start your workout right away.

Safe workout with locked weights
Every time you turn the dial, a steel pin slides in or out that locks the chosen weight into the dumbbell. The weights cannot move in any direction. This allows you to focus 100% on your workout, without worrying that the weights could come off. Whether you are doing bicep curls, overhead extensions or front squats. The MX55 is easy to grasp and hold during every exercise. In short: you have all the advantages of a fixed dumbbell, without the disadvantages of other adjustable dumbbells with loose weights.

Training with the MX55: 10 dumbbells in 1
The MX55 is fast, compact, safe, durable and has a sleek design. In no time, you choose from one of the ten different weight settings. This is indicated on the cradle in both kilos and pounds.

1) 4.5 kg / 10 lbs
2) 6.8 kg / 15 lbs
3) 9.1 kg / 20 lbs
4) 11.3 kg / 25 lbs
5) 13.6 kg / 30 lbs
6) 15.9 kg / 35 lbs
7) 18.1 kg / 40 lbs
8) 20.4 kg / 45 lbs
9) 22.7 kg / 50 lbs
10) 24.9 kg / 55 lbs

The weight discs have a narrow end at the bottom, so you can always easily slide the dumbbell back into the cradle.

Next-level selector dumbbell
Thanks to the materials used, the MX55 dumbbell feels very balanced. Under the weight selector dial there is a solid ABS layer that protects the selector system. The selection system itself consists 100% of different metal parts that can all be replaced separately if needed. This is unique, the selection systems of similar brands are usually made of plastic. As a result, your MX55 will last for years and you will never, in the event of a malfunction, have to replace it in its entirety. Not even if your warranty has expired.

Optional expansion with the MX Dumbbell Stand
Do you prefer to store your MX dumbbells neatly, a bit higher off the ground? With the MX Dumbbell Stand, you can give your stored MX55 dumbbells the sleek look of a professional gym. The stand is space-saving and easy to use: with just four screws, you place the cradle of your MX55 on the stand.

Please note: the MX55 is sold individually.

• Color: black
• Weight selection: 4.5 - 24.9 kg in 2.25 kg increments
• Dumbbell length with minimum weight: 24.3 cm
• Dumbbell length with maximum weight: 40.5 cm
• Handle length: 13.5 cm
• Handle diameter: 3.27 cm
• Body material: steel
• Handle material: antimicrobial rubber
• Material weights: steel coated with Polyanide Nylon
• Material weight system: ABS, steel
• Product code: 22MX550000
• EAN code: 4895147803395

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