Pulley Stations

A pulley station is ideal for training your entire torso. It is the basis of every good and complete workout. With one device, you can train the biggest muscle groups in your back, biceps, pecs and shoulders.

What are the benefits of a pulley station?

A pulley station is incredibly popular in gyms. But why queue when you can just as easily train at home with a pulley station? It forms the basis of every workout and is suitable for everyone, whether you are a beginner or advanced. For beginners, the pulley station is a good way to start training your core. For the more advanced, it is the best method to do an effective bodybuilding workout and to build the muscle mass of your torso.

What do you train with a pulley station?

A pulley station is often used for a lat pulley, i.e. training the latissimus dorsi or the 'wide back muscle'. This muscle starts from the middle and goes to the bottom of your back. It is the largest muscle in the human body. Training this muscle makes your back wider while working on the strength of your back simultaneously. You also work on the other muscles of the upper back, part of the shoulders, forearms, biceps, legs and buttocks. Finally, the stabilizing muscles in the back also get some attention. These ensure a good posture and a straight back. The stabilizing muscles are often forgotten and suffer from sedentary jobs, such as working behind a desk.

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