Leverage Gyms

With a leverage gym, also known as a 'home gym' or 'leverage home gym', you have a complete gym in your home. You can train almost all muscle groups. It is suitable for beginners and advanced, and is often safer than open weight training.
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Which muscle groups do you train with a leverage gym?

With a home gym you can train practically all muscle groups. This can be done in one workout, ideally suited for beginners or people who have less time to train but want to do a full-body workout. Advanced students can opt to give each muscle group more attention through specific leverage gym workouts.

What are the benefits of a leverage gym?

A leverage home gym is a multifunctional fitness device for home use that takes up little space. The full-body weight workouts have many advantages. Your whole body is put to work, allowing you to have a high level of energy-burning, which in turn stimulates fat loss. With a leverage gym you don't just work on building muscle strength, you can also lose weight with it. Furthermore, more hormones are released than when training fewer muscle groups, which results in better muscle growth. In addition, the effective workout will result in reducing the amount of time you spend each time.

Training with weights is safer with a home gym than with open weight workouts, especially for beginners. Weight training with loose weights requires a steady balance, stability and often a second person to keep an eye on the safety. A leverage gym works with a so-called lever system to which the weights are attached. With this, you can fully focus on lifting weights without having to worry about your balance.

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