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The display is very easy to operate thanks to its large keys and easy-to-read figures. This makes it easy to make a choice or to look at the training data during the training.

32 resistance levels

The 32 different positions make it easy to find the right resistance.


With an ergometer, there can be trained consistently with a preset power.

Make connection

The trainer can be connected to iConsole+ Training or Kinomaps. You cycle a route through your own street or explore the holiday destination.

Tablet holder

Watch your favourite series while exercising by placing a tablet on the holder.


The crosstrainer for the fanatical

The benefits of the Tunturi Performance C55 Elliptical Cross Trainer
✓ Ergonomic workout
✓ Easy to move
✓ 32 resistance levels, 20 programmes
✓ Handy holder for tablet or smartphone
✓ A monitor that displays the different parameters

A solid workout
It’s efficient to exercise on an elliptical cross trainer: you get all muscle groups working in one fluid movement. With a rotating mass of 32 kg (70.5 lbs), you generate a power output of up to 350 watts on the C55. Choose from 20 programmes or exercise at a constant resistance level. The built-in ergometer controls and measures the power output. The monitor displays all information, including speed, distance, cadence, and calories burnt: You register your heart rate via the hand sensors or via a wireless heart rate receiver.

You exercise comfortably on the C55. The tilting monitor, the adjustable comfort pedals, the ergonomic handlebars, the front-drive mechanism that gives you a longer stride: this ensures a natural posture while you exercise. Ideal for weight loss or rehabilitation. Exercise where you want to: with the transport wheels at the bottom, you can move the C55 Elliptical Cross Trainer in one smooth movement.

Tablet or telephone as your trainer
Get motivated through your tablet or telephone. Use one of the Bluetooth connectivity apps and connect with the Tunturi trainer. Follow your training progress and reach your goal with the iConsole+ Training programme. With Kinomaps, you push your boundaries: challenge a friend or a random user on the online platform. To pump up the experience, opt foriConsole+ Training.

Share everything, with everyone
Never lose your training session data: everything is stored. See, compare and share your results with everyone via social media. All apps are available for iOS and Android.

Go for a solid workout on the C55 Elliptical Cross Trainer. Easily order online.

Overview of specifications
• Dimensions L: 195 cm (76.8 inches). W: 74 cm (29.1 inches). H: 162 cm (63.8 inches)
• Maximum user weight: 135 kg (297.6 lbs)
• Rotating mass: 32 kg (70.5 lbs)
• Optional chest strap (5 – 5.4 kHz)
• Transport wheels, bottle holder and bottle
• Weight: 73.6 kg (162.3 lbs)

Train more specific than before
The Tunturi Performance C55 is an ergometer. An ergometer arranges and measures the wattage on the upright bike. Set the data to your personal preferences and train more specific than before. The ergometer works as of 10 up to max 350 Watt with small built in steps of 5 Watts. This results to a gradual progression of the work out. The rotating mass of 28 kilos provides a solid resistance for the work out. You can also train heart rate controlled. This can be done by holding the hand grips or use a chest belt.

Having more data available
With 20 different programmes you can easily vary from training to training. Every programme enables you to work out with a goal in mind. A selection of “beginner, advance or sporty” can be made.

Natural position
The rear driven cross trainer has a stride length of 40 cm. The stride has a natural feel of walking while working out. The pedals of the trainer are only 13 centimeters away from each other which matches the natural position when both legs stand next to each other. This will result into the natural feel of walking.

Watch your favourite show while working out
The Tunturi upright bikes are always equipped with a tabloid holder. The tabloid can be put on the tabloid holder on the display to watch your favourite television programme.

Make the tabloid or smartphone your personal trainer
You should register all the variables to have visibility in the progression of you the trainings you have made. The app Fit Hi Way and IConsole+ will assure that the training target will be achieved much quicker. Simply put the tabloid or smartphone on the holder and start with your work out. Challenge your friend online or aim to go to the next level. All the results can be reviewed, compared and shared with friends. This could make the difference of making it to the next level by achieving the goal you always wanted to hit. You can enter the specific training schedule in Fit Hi Way and IConsole+ to reach that goal. Share the results with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

You may also want to train with the Kinomap. Kinomap enables the connection between the tabloid or smart phone and the Tunturi trainer. Place the tabloid or smart phone on the holder and start with the work out. When the level of training is too low or too heavy, the Kinomap will understand this as this will be noted by the front camera. Kinomap enables it to cycle any route chosen. Google Street View provides wonderful surroundings having additional excitements while working out. Challenge your friends online or aim to go to the next level. Results can be reviewed, compared and shared with anyone on Facebook or Twitter.

Comfort anti-slip
Tablet holder
32 resistance levels
Maximum user weight 135 KG (297.6 LBS)
Bottle holder


  • Monitor

    Display size 5.5 INCH
    Display type Color LCD Backlight
    Programs 20
    1 Manual,
    4 Beginner,
    4 Advanced,
    4 Sporty,
    4 Heart rate,
    1 Watt,
    1 Recovery,
    1 Body fat
    Resistance levels 32
    Languages English
    Watt program
    10 – 350 per 5 Watt
    Condition test
    Time, distance, calorie, speed, watt and heart rate
  • General

    Brake system Permanent magnet system (PMS) / Motor
    Rotating mass 32 KG
    (70.6 LBS)
    Maximum power 350 W
    Power supply Adapter 9V/1A
    Stride length 19 inch / 50 CM
    Pedals Comfort Grip
    Assembled dimensions L 195 x W 74 x H 162 CM
    (L 76.8 x W 29.1 x H 63.8 INCH)
    Weight 73.6 KG
    (162.3 LBS)
    Maximum user weight 135 KG
    (297.6 LBS)
    Product code 17TCF55000
    EAN code 8717842028353
    Box dimensions L 149 x W 44 x H 78 CM
    (L 58.7 x W 17.3 x H 30.7 INCH)
    Box weight 79.7 KG
    (175.7 LBS)


  • Ergonomics

    Adjustable monitor
    Handlebars, fixed and swivel
    Heart rate via sensors
    Telemetric HR receiver built-in
    Chest Belt (5.4 Khz) Option
    Bottle holder Holder + Bottle
    Transport wheels
  • Extra's

    USB charger
    iConsole+ Training
    Tablet holder
    User manual DE/ES/FI/FR
    Use Home





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