Weight stack

The HG10 has a weight stack with a total of 45 KG (99.2 LBS) of adjustable steel weights.


With an adjustable weight of 5 KG (11 LBS) per weight over 9 plates, everyone can choose the right weight.

Train the arms

The arms can be trained with the low pulley with the straight bar.


Train the legs with the leg extensions with firm foam for comfort.

The basic model of the all in 1 power stations of Tunturi

The benefits of the Tunturi HG10 Strength Station – Home Gym
✓ Sturdy, compact steel structure. Ideal for use at home
✓ The chest press armrests can move independently of each other
✓ Easily combine pulleys with various training materials
✓ Equipment that’s easy to operate, to strengthen all your muscles

Train at home just like you would at the gym!
The Tunturi HG10 Strength Station facilitates all strength-building exercises. The high and low pulleys are ideal for different row- and curl exercises for the arms or ab exercises and the low pulley is also great for leg exercises. The high pulley is equipped with a curved bar and the low pulley is equipped with a straight bar. What’s more, you can easily attach various training materials to the pulleys using a snap hook. Like a special row grip, an ankle strap, triceps rope or a curl bar.

The Home gym has a chest press that can also be used as a peck deck for horizontal butterflies. The armrests can move at the same time, but also independently of each other. The armrests are fitted with sturdy foam pads to provide support to the arms and for extra comfort. You can also exercise your legs with the leg trainer at the front. The leg trainer also features foam. The HG10 Strength Station has a stack of 9 weights, each weighing 5 kg (11 lbs), bringing the total weight stack to 45 kg (99.2 lbs).

Order the complete and compact Tunturi HG10 Strength Station if you want to train at home to achieve a flexible, strong body!

Overview of specifications
• The HG10 Strength Station’s dimensions: L: 142 cm (55.9 inches) W: 118 cm (46.5 inches). H: 206 cm (81.1 inches).
• Anti-slip rubber floor protection
• Stitched upholstery with reinforced corners
• High pulley with curved bar
• Low pulley with straight bar
• Chest press, armrests can move independently of each other
• Leg trainer with protective foam
• Maximum user weight: 125 kg (275.6 lbs).
• Includes 9 weights, each weighing 5 kg (11 lbs). (total 45 kg/99.2 lbs.)
• Chrome guide rods
• Weight: 85 kg (187.4 lbs).
• Colour: Black | Green
• Material: Steel

Leg extension
Foam for extra comfort
Low pulley
High pulley
Total weight stack
45 KG (99.2 LBS) of 5 KG (11 LBS) per plate
Chest trainer
Maximum user weight 125 KG (275.6 LBS)
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  • Functions

    High pulley
    Chest fly
    Middle pulley
    Leg press
    Shoulder press
    Low pulley
    Height adjustable biceps curl pad
    Adjustable seat
    Adjustable backrest
  • General

    Assembled dimensions L 142 x W 118 x H 206 CM
    (L 55.9 x W 46.5 x H 81.1 INCH)
    Folded up dimensions
    Product weight 85 KG
    (187.4 LBS)
    Totale weight stack 45 KG
    (99.2 LBS)
    Qty weight plates 9 pieces
    Weight per plate 5 KG
    (11 LBS)
    Maximum user weight 125 KG
    (275.6 LBS)
    product code 17TSGH1000
    EAN code 8717842027738
    Box dimensions and weight (1) L 193 x W 45 x H 20 CM – 43 KG
    (L 76 x W 17.7 x H 7.9 INCH – 94.8 LBS)
    (2) L 40 x W 20 x H 23 CM – 27 KG
    (L 15.7 x W 7.9 x H 9.1 INCH – 59.5 LBS)
    (3) L 40 x W 20 x H 23 CM – 26 KG
    (L 15.7 x W 7.9 x H 9.1 INCH – 57.3 LBS)



2 years warranty on parts




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