2 in 1 weight bench

The bench is not attached to the barbell supports, which makes it possible to bench press and do squats as well.



For extra safety, the barbell supports have slanting edges and clip to keep the barbell in place.

Solid frame

This weight bench is very solid because of the robust steel frame and the matt black powder coating.

Train your legs

Train your legs with the multifunctional arm and leg trainer on the front side of the bench.

The weight bench with a separate squat rack

The benefits of the Tunturi WB50 Weight Bench
✔Versatile arm and leg trainer with loose barbell supports
✔Different exercises are possible, thanks to the backrest with its 6 adjustment options
✔You can do squats and bench presses with the separate squat rack

Mulfifunctional weight bench for a complete workout
The backrest has an incredible 6 adjustment options. When you place the backrest board in the flat position, you can do bench press exercises without any additional strain on your back. When you put the backrest in the lowest position, you use it as a sit-up bench for abdominal exercises. The WB50 weight bench’s different adjustment options allow you to do a range of exercises.

The WB50 has more capabilities than a normal weight bench: the barbell supports that hold the weights are not attached to the bench. You can turn it into a squat rack in the wink of an eye. The rod must be at least 180 cm (70.9 inches) long or it won’t fit between the barbell supports. The barbell support ends have angled parts and a clip for extra safety. These ensure that the weights cannot fall from the supports. This weight bench gives you freedom of choice in the bars you want to use: you can use Olympic bars or normal weightlifting bars. You can set the support heights independently of each other.

The weight bench is equipped with a multifunctional arm and leg trainer at the front. You can use this trainer, in combination with the support cushion and sturdy handlebars, for a safe and controlled workout. You also train your leg muscles this way. The arm- and leg trainer is covered in sturdy foam and vinyl to provide protection to your arms and legs.

The stitched seat with extra sturdy corners guarantees that you can use your weight bench for many years and prevents wear and tear to delicate parts. The frame, made of robust steel, ensures the necessary strength. The black matte powder coating finish gives the bench a sleek look. The anti-slip rubber floor protectors prevent damage to the floor.

Train different muscle groups with this versatile weight bench from Tunturi. Order today!

Overview of specifications
• The weight bench’s dimensions: L:167 cm (65.7 inches). W: 104 cm (40.9 inches). H: 168.5 cm (66.3 inches)
• Housing: steel
• Upholstery: foam and vinyl
• Anti-slip rubber floor protection
• Stitched seat and backrest
• Multifunctional arm and leg trainer
• Weight bench with loose barbell supports
• Minimum length of the weightlifting bar is 165 cm (65 inches)
• Maximum user weight: 150 kg (330.7 lbs)
• Excluding bar and weights
• Weight: 42.5 kg (93.7 lbs)

Adjustable backrest 6 positions
Adjustable barbell supports in 7 positions
Maximal user weight of 150KG (330.7 LBS)
Solidly stitched material with solid angles
Leg rollers
Standard (30 mm/0.12 inch) Or Olympic (50 mm/ 0.2 inch) Weight Plates
Bicep curl pad
Safety clip
Leg rollers
Separate squat rack
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  • Functions

    Adjustable backrest  (6 positions)
    Adjustable seat
    Adjustable barbell supports  (7 positions)
    Minimal bar length
    (inside size / outside size)
    110 / 180 CM
    (43.3 / 70.8 INCH)
    Adjustable bicep curl pad
    Leg trainer
    Standard (30 MM/0.12 INCH) or
    Olympic (50 MM/ 0.2 INCH) Weight Plates
     (with mof)
    Weight plate storage
    Ab board
    Dips handles
  • General

    Assembled dimensions L 167 X W 104 x H 168.5 CM
    (L 65.7 x W 40.9 x H 66.3 INCH)
    Folded dimensions
    Product weight 42.5 KG (93.7 LBS)
    Maximal user weight 150 KG (330.7 LBS)
    Product code 17TSWB5000
    EAN code 8717842027936
    Box dimension & weight L 136 x W 59 X H 21 CM – 45.5 KG
    (L 53.5 x W 23.2 x H 8.3 INCH – 100.3 LBS)





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