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The display of the T60 provides you with all the information you need during your training. It shows speed, distance, incline, and heart rate.

LCD Display

The values are well readable because of the big and clear numbers. For example speed, distance or heart rate.

23 Programs

The treadmill features 23 challenging training programs.

Handgrip controls

With the handgrip controls for speed and incline, you are able to adjust the speed and inclination angle easily.



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The most complete treadmill

Intensive training or a solid workout: that’s the T60 treadmill. This treadmill from the Tunturi Performance range is suitable for professional- or at-home use. Set yourself a goal, choose the right programme and live up to your resolutions.

The benefits of the Tunturi Performance T60 Treadmill
✓ Different workout options
✓ 23 programmes
✓ Easy to move and store
✓ Handy holder for tablet or smartphone
✓ A monitor that displays the different parameters
✓ Personalise your training sessions via apps (Kinomaps and Fit Plus)
✓ Add REHA rails (not included)

Challenge yourself
The running base (50 x 149 cm/19.7 x 58.7 inches) offers enough space for a comfortable training session. With the quick buttons, you set your desired speed. The powerful 4.5 hp motor allows you to work up to speeds of up to 20 km/h. Also, you can set the incline to 12%. This treadmill’s T-Flex system has a cushioning effect.

Measuring = knowing
The Performance T60’s monitor (6.6 inches/16.8 cm) shows you the most important parameters while you exercise: distance, time and calories burnt. You know exactly what impact your training has. The 23 programmes will put your fitness level to the test, with different speeds and inclines. The sensors on the sturdy handlebars or the wireless heart rate receiver register your heart rate. You train with clear targets in mind and your ambitions are solid.

Tablet support
Running boring? Watch your favourite series or a good movie while training: put your tablet in the holder that’s provided. Of course, the central console also features a safety clip and bottle holder.

Train like a pro
Use your tablet or telephone as your training partner? Use the Bluetooth connectivity apps and connect with the Tunturi trainer. Push your boundaries with Kinomaps. Challenge a friend or a different online runner on the online training platform, choose a race and be the first to cross the finish line. The Fit Plus app registers everything. View your progress and enter a new personal training routine whenever you want. See, compare and share your results with everyone via social media. All apps are available for iOS and Android.

Push your boundaries with the T60 Treadmill. Order quickly!

Overview of specifications
• Foldable: dimensions when pulled out: L: 179 cm (70.5 inches). W: 84 cm (33.1 inches). H: 137 cm (53.9 inches).
• Foldable: dimensions when folded: L: 99 cm (39 inches). W: 84 cm (33.1 inches). H: 161 cm (63.4 inches).
• Maximum user weight: 150 kg (330.7 lbs)
• Optional chest strap (5 – 5.4 kHz)
• Transport wheels
• Weight: 95 kg (209.4 lbs)
• 4.5 hp motor

4.5 HP DC Motor
23 Programs
Tablet holder
Running surface
50 x 149 cm(19.7 x 58.7 inch)
T-Flex shock absorption
Handgrip controls for incline
Handgrip controls for speed
Electronic incline adjustment up to 12%


  • Monitor

    Display Size 6.6 INCH
    Display Type Color LCD Backlight
    Programs 23
    1 Manual,
    17 Preset,
    2 Users,
    2 Heart rate,
    1 Body Mass,
    Time, Distance, Calories, Speed, Incline, and Heart rate
    Languages English
  • General

    Motor 4.5 HP DC
    Speed 0.8 – 20.0 KM/H
    (0.5 – 12.4 M/H)
    Incline 12%
    Running surface 50 x 149 CM (19.7 x 58.7 INCH)
    Running deck 25 MM (0.4 INCH)
    Power Supply 230 V
    Foldable Soft Drop
    Shock absorption T-Flex
    Assembled dimensions L 179 x W 84 x H 137 CM
    (L 70.5 x W 33.1  x H 54 INCH)
    Folded dimensions L  99 x W 84 x  H 161 CM
    (L 39 x W 33.1 x H 63.4 INCH)
    Weight 95 KG (209.4 LBS)
    Max. user weight 150 KG (330.7 LBS)
    Product code 17TRN60000
    EAN code 8717842028438
    Carton dimensions L 200 x W 86 x H 37 cm
    (L 78.7 x W 33.9 x H 14.6 INCH)
    Carton dimensions 106 KG (233.7 LBS)


  • Ergonomics

    Running belt 2,2 MM Comfort+
    (0.009 INCH)
    Handgrip controls
    Front handlebar
    Reha handrails Option
    Heart rate via
    hand sensors
    Telemetric HR
    receiver wireless
    Chest belt (5.4 kHz) Option
    Bottle holder
    Transport wheels
  • Extra's

    USB charger 5V DC – 1A
    Apps Kinomaps
    (Motion detection)
    + Fit Plus App
    Tablet holder
    Step counter
    User manual DE/ES/FI/FR
    Use Home/Professional





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