The WT80 uses weight plates of 30 or 50mm.

Max. weight

A maximum of 225 KG (496 LBS) may be placed on the squat section. The lever at the rear has a maximum of 180 KG (396.8 LBS).

Adjustable bench

It is possible to place the backrest and seat in different angles for various exercises.

Move the bench

When the bench will be pushed to the side, exercises such as squats, calf raise or low row are possible.

The power station for home

The benefits of the WT80 Strength Station – Home Gym
✔Many different exercises are possible to build muscle mass
✔ Compact and complete piece of training equipment for use at home or at the gym
✔ Suitable for regular weight plates (30 mm/1.2 inches) and Olympic weight plates (50 mm/2 inches.)
✔ The seat and backrest are adjustable for a proper workout posture
✔ The lever ensures a safe and carefully adjusted movement: safer than a loose weigh lifting bar

Simply work out at home with this complete home gym
The Tunturi WT80 Strength Station is ideal if you want to work on your strength and muscle mass at home. This home gym facilitates a range of exercises. The equipment comes with an adjustable lever. In combination with the weight bench, the lever is perfect for chest and shoulder exercises, like the lat pull down, chest press and shoulder press. The bench is adjustable and can easily be set to your most comfortable workout position. Move the weight bench aside and you’ll have room for the triceps extension, biceps curl, calf raise, squats, rows and other stand-up exercises.

You decide how difficult you want your workout to be by placing the desired number of weight plates on the lever. The two locks ensure that the weights remain firmly in position. The machine does not come with weight plates. You can order them separately. The Tunturi WT80 Strength Station is made of steel and finished in a black matte powder coating. The home gym is incredibly robust and is suitable for beginners and more advanced strength trainers.

Work on your ‘power’ too and order this great-looking Tunturi WT80 Strength Station!

Overview of specifications
• The Tunturi WT80 Strength Station’s dimensions: L: 164.4 cm (64.7 inches). W: 114 cm (44.9 inches). H: 182 cm (71.7 inches).
• Dimensions when folded: L: 99 cm (39 inches). W: 114 cm (44.9 inches). H: 182 cm (71.7 inches).
• Foldable weight bench
• Stitched upholstery with reinforced corners
• Anti-slip rubber floor protection
• The home gym’s maximum user weight: 150 kg (330.7 lbs).
• Adjustable seat
• Adjustable backrest
•The squat’s maximum user weight: 225 kg (496 lbs).
• The lever’s maximum user weight: 180 kg (396.8 lbs).
• Excludes weight plates
• Includes locks
• With weight plate storage
• Weight 54 kg (119 lbs).
• Colour: Black | Green
•Material: Steel

Use weights of 30mm or 50mm.
Weight plates storage
With spring collars
Up to 225 KG (496 LBS) of weight
Up to 180 KG (396.8 LBS) of weight
Adjustable backrest
Adjustable seat
Move the bench
Maximum user weight 150 KG (330.7 LBS)
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  • Functions

    High pulley
    Chest fly
    Middle pulley
    Leg press
    Shoulder press
    Low pulley
    Height adjustable biceps curl pad
    Adjustable seat
    Adjustable backrest
  • General

    Assembled dimensions L 164 x W 114 x H 182 CM
    (L 64.6 x W 44.9 x H 71.7 INCH)
    Folded up dimensions L 99 x W114 x H 182 CM
    (L 39 x W 44.9 x H 71.7 INCH)
    Product weight 54 KG
    (119.1 LBS)
    Total weight stack Max. Squat 225 KG (496 LBS)
    Max. Hefboom 180 KG (396.8 LBS)
    Qty weight plates
    Weight per plate
    Maximum user weight 150 KG
    (330.7 LBS)
    Product code 17TSWT8000
    EAN code 8717842028230
    Box dimensions and weight (1) L 132 x W 51 x H 21 CM – 33 KG
    (L 52 x W 20.1 x H 8.3 INCH – 72.8 LBS)
    (2) L 159 x W 72 x H 16 CM – 26 KG
    (L 62.6 x W 28.4 x 6.3 INCH – 57.3 LBS)


2 years warranty on parts



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