Barbell supports

The rack features barbell bar supports.

Dips handgrips

The Cross Fit rack features integrated dip handgrips.

Store weight plates

The rack features bars to store your weight plates


Train your arms with a pull-up bar.

Multifunctional rack to train with barbells or your own body weight.

The benefits of the Tunturi WT60 Cross Fit Rack – Cross fit rack
✔ Various exercises are possible, to train your body: from dips to deadlifts
✔ Includes storage for 25 mm – 50 mm (1 – 2 inch) weight plates.
✔ 24 levels to attach the weightlifting bar
✔ Ideal for use at home or at the gym

A high-quality cross fit rack to use at home
Whether you are just starting out or have loads of experience, this handy Tunturi WT60 Cross Fit Rack is bound to serve you well. It facilitates a range of exercises. The cross fit rack has a chinning bar, amongst other things, for pull-ups and hanging leg raises. Change your workout every time by moving the bar to a different position.

The cross fit rack is ideal for exercises with a weightlifting bar, like bench presses, deadlifts, lunges, and squats. The weightlifting bar can be attached at 24 different levels. There are two safety bars as a backup during the exercises, and the rack comes with four barbell supports to place on the rack. The rack also has special hand grips for dip exercises.

The cross fit rack’s frame has space to store weight plates on the side. The weight bench in robust steel is incredibly solid and finished in a black matte powder coating. Protective rubber fittings have been attached to the rack’s underside to prevent damage to the floor.

Also work on increasing your muscle strength by ordering this Tunturi WT60 Cross Fit Rack!

Overview of specifications
• The Tunturi WT60 Cross Fit Rack’s dimensions: L:176 cm (69.3 inches). W: 118 cm (46.5 inches). H: 215 cm (84.6 inches).
• Anti-slip rubber floor protection
• Pull-up bar (chinning bar)
• Dipping hand grips
• 2 chromed steel safety bars
• 4 chromed steel barbell supports
• Height-adjustable barbell supports (24 levels)
• Maximum user weight: 180 kg (396.8 lbs).
• Storage for weight plates
• Excluding weights
• Weight 57.5 kg (126.8 lbs).
• Colour: Black | Green
• Material: Steel

Pull-up bar
Maximal user weight 180 KG (396.8 LBS)
Plate storage (50 mm)
Barbell support
Squat support


  • Functions

    Smith style halterstang
    Cross over pulley
    Low pulley
    Foot plate for rowing
    Plate storage
    Adjustable backrest
    Bicep curl
    Leg developer
    Suitable for Olympic (50 mm)
    weight plates
    Suitable for regular (30 mm)
    weight plates
    Adjustable barbell supports  (24 positions)
    Barbell bar supports
    Pull up bar
    Dips handgrips
    Suspension trainer mount
  • General

    Assembled dimensions L 176 x W 118 x H 215 CM
    (L 69.3 x W 118 x H 84.6 INCH)
    Product weight 57.5 KG (127.8 LBS)
    Maximal user weight 180 KG (396.8 LBS)
    Product code 17TSWT6000
    EAN code 8717842028032
    Box dimensions & weight (1) L 115 x B 46 X H 14 CM – 29 KG
    (L 45.3 x W 18.1 x H 5.5 INCH – 63.9 LBS)
    (2) L 204 x B 27 X H 13 CM – 33 KG
    (L 80.3 x W 10.6 x H 5.1 INCH – 72.8 LBS)




Train with your own body weight

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