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Doorpost pull-ups or push-ups on the floor.

The Tunturi Multifunctional Door Gym is the door gym for home use. The door gym can easily be placed between the door frame without damaging the frame. The door gym can easily be demounted from the frame after your workout.

Besides using the Door Gym as pull-up bar, you can also use the multifunctional gym for push-ups, abdominal exercises or dip training. This can be done by placing the gym on the floor. There is a foam filling attached to 5 different spots on the gym in order to get extra grip. This ensures a firm and comfortable grip. Assembly instructions and a training schedule are included with the Door Gym. It is suitable for door frames between 55 and 95 cm.

Most important features:
• Door gym for home use
• Easy to assemble/ dismount to the door frame
• Can also be used for push-ups and abdominal exercises
• Dip training is also possible
• Foam filling for the hands

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