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Dealing with RSI? Train with a Magic Ball.

The Tunturi Magic Ball is a hand trainer developed on behalf of NASA. Astronauts work in space without gravity which makes bringing dumbbells or machines no option. The Magic Ball is developed through scientific theories on movement therapy.

The Tunturi Magic Ball doesn’t work with fixed weights like a home gym or home gym. This Magic Ball works through centrifugal force. This enables the Tunturi Magic Ball to automatically adjust to the users training level. By generating lateral force, the Magic Ball will automatically adjust to the training level of the user. The Magic Ball can already offer resistance to 15 kg at about 10.000 rotations per minute.

There is a rotor in the ball that rotates around an axis. This while this axis rotates in the opposite direction of the first motion in the inside of the Magic Ball. The ball will make a ‘woesjing’ sound during this motion when the axis of the rotor moves in the centre. By increasing the motion of the Magic Ball, the rotor will spin faster and faster and will therefore warm up more. Due to this motion, no batteries are needed. The Magic Ball has a maximum resistance of 15 kg.

With the Magic Ball you can train your wrists, hand, forearm, biceps, triceps and shoulders. The Magic Ball is the perfect workout for when dealing with RSI.

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