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Looking for real leather boxing gloves.

The Bruce Lee Dragon boxing glove is a glove for the new and advanced combat sport athlete. The boxing glove can be used for Thai boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, classic boxing, boxing, K1, Krav maga.

The boxing gloves are made of 100% leather, which makes the Bruce Lee boxing glove very solid. The glove has a firm and long velcro fastener. This fastening makes sure that the gloves can be firmly tied around the wrist.

For optimal protection of the knuckles, the gloves have a foam layer on the knuckles. This foam layer doesn’t only protect the knuckles, but also the opponent during practice.

Because of the mesh lining on the inside of the kickboxing gloves, the gloves ventilate better during kickboxing. In addition, the mesh lining makes sure that the hands will dry faster after a practice. This helps to avoid a bad odour.
The gloves are available in different sizes. Depending on their weight, women will use a 10 oz. or 12 oz. while men will choose a 14 oz. or 16 oz. You can choose the right size from below overview.

10 oz.: 45 kg – 60 kg (99 – 132 lbs)
12 oz.: 60 kg – 75 kg (132 – 165 lbs)
14 oz.: 75 kg – 85 kg (165 – 187 lbs)
16 oz.: 85 kg – > (187 lbs –>)

Tip when using boxing gloves!
Always wear bandages during kickboxing practice. This increases durable and decreases the chance of bad odour in the glove. In addition, the bandages will give extra support to the wrist and knuckles.

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