Training your hand and forearm with the Tunturi adjustable hand grips.

The Tunturi Adjustable Hand Grip can be used for training the hand muscle and the forearm. With this hand grip the finger muscles will get more squeezing power. In addition, a hand grip stimulates the blood circulation of the hands.

The hand grip has an adjustable spring tension. The hand grip resistance can be adjustusted to heavier of lighter resistance. By turning the white knob on the front, the spring will become tighter and you will need more power to squeeze the hand grip. It is possible to set this hand grip to a maximum weight of 20 kg or 40 kg, depending on which handgrip you choose. The ergonomical shape of the grips make the hand grip comfortable to hold during a workout. The hand grip is available in grey/black and orange/white. The handgrips are available as light resistance (5 – 20 kg / 11 – 44 lbs) and heavy resistance (10 – 40 kg / 22 – 88 lbs).

Most important features:
• Contains 1 hand grip
• Adjustable spring tension
• Adjustable in resistance of 5 to 20 kg and 10 to 40 kg
• Stimulates the blood circulation

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