Tunturi Pure 8.1 Console

Tunturi Pure 8.1

Latest update since : 06-04-2016

Pure monitor 8.1The Tunturi 8.1 console is used for: 

  • Tunturi Upright bike 8.1
  • Tunturi Cross F 8.1
  • Tunturi Cross R 8.1





Latest technical details on 8.1 console model: 


Latest software version available: 2752

How to review your software version: See Settings/ info

How to update if not up to date: Contact service department by email Inform you current software version, including your trainer model.

Website content playback problems

The display is not able to playback HD movie files.  If you experience playback problems we suggest you search for a non HD movie file or scale down the movie quality to max 480P

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