Burn calories, improve your stamina or train for a marathon. With our reliable treadmills, you will be able to enjoy a healthy workout. From novices to top athletes, Tunturi offers it all.



Burn calories and increase your stamina on a Tunturi Fitness bike. Cycling is an ideal form of exercise for everyone. Choose between an hometrainer or recumbent (or BikeR) for a comfortable workout.



Strengthen your muscles and grow muscle mass. With plenty of benefits such as increased energy, weight loss and more, Tunturi Strength makes training @home a real challenge.



Working out on a crosstrainer is both highly efficient and fun. Choose between a front or rear driven crosstrainer, depending on your wishes. Be challenged by a good workout on a crosstrainer!


GO_collectie3Rowing Machines

Rowing, a highly efficient and intensive workout that will demand every muscle in your body to be used. Tunturi Fitness rowers are easy to use and practical. A safe and effective training method!

2015 fitness accessoiresFitness Accessories

A total body workout with our fitness accessories! Tunturi is an expert in training your entire body. The combination of fitness machines and accessories, lets you get results even faster.

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