Platinum Strength Station

This massive modular muscle station gives you the opportunity to train all your muscle groups. The ergonomic design and the unlimited number of adjustments of the machine makes training easy and safe. Whatever goals you have in mind, to tone up, build muscles or stay in shape, this strength station from Platinum by Tunturi will make it easier to reach your goal.

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Modular muscle station for more than 100 exercises

Multiple persons can use it at once

Easy to adjust positions

Use for professional training or rehabilitation

Versatile options to train your entire body


Modular designUpper Body Unit, Lower Body Unit, Leg Press Unit, Cable Crossover Unit
FlexibilityTrain multiple muscle groups with one station
Height complete station218.88 cm / 7”
Length complete station437.2 cm / 14”
Width complete station200.8 cm / 6”
Weight complete station929KG (including all 4 weight stacks)

AdjustmentEasy to adjust the different parts of the training device
UsersCan accommodate up to four persons at one time

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