GO Cross F 70

The versatile way.
The crosstrainer continues to gain in popularity. That’s hardly surprising because it is a very comfortable and pleasant way to train muscle groups in both the upper and lower body. With one single, smooth movement, it prevents your knees and joints being put under too much stress. The front driven crosstrainer has a longer stride, smooth and ideal to lose weight or for rehab.

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Recovery heart-rate

Measuring heart rate via handgrip sensors

Various heart-rate programs

4 user programs

User registers for personal settings

Accurate measurement of burned calories

Body Mass Test


Operating systemGenerator system, servo motor + PMS
Flywheel/Rotating MASS6kg/35.3kg
Power output250W/60RPM 600W/100rpm
AdapterSelf-generated (9V-DC/1000 mA)
Max user weight135 kg/300 lbs
Length179 cm
Width71 cm
Height166 cm
Weight70 kg

HR Chest StrapOption
Telemetric HR ReceiverYes, 5.4 Khz analog
Transport WheelsYes
ScreenColor LCD - Backlight
Resistance levels32
Fitness testsBodyfat+BMI, Recovery heart rate

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