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Almere, Der Niederlande, September 2015

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Tunturi New Fitness `water rower’ for a unique rowing experience

Almere, The Netherlands, June 2014

During the ISPO 2014, the largest international sport exhibition in Munich, Tunturi showed the first prototype of the Tunturi Pure 8.1 Water Rower. These rowing machines have a water reservoir with which you can adjust the resistance level during a workout. The high expectations will certainly be met according to Larissa Bremmer, marketing manager at Tunturi New Fitness: `The sound and the feeling of water during a training session, gives it a unique feeling, it’s as if you are outside rowing on water. The big advantage is of course that you do not need to go outside.

Rowing : the most intensive training regime
Several studies have shown that rowing is the most intensive and multi-purpose form of training. In comparison with the course link the calorie combustion at the same level lies, the most important difference is that all muscle groups are intensively trained with rowing. Larissa Bremmer: `Rowing machines are also popular because it’s a comfortable and relatively easy way of training. Thanks to the higher seating position on the Tunturi Pure Water Rower, this machine is also suitable for rehabilitation, for example in care institutions or physiotherapy practices. Also here, it is important that a machine is easily put away and doesn’t take up a lot of space, just like at home. Another advantage of the Tunturi Pure Water Rower.’

Adjusting the resistance level
The resistance level of the Tunturi Pure Water Rower is defined by the amount of water in the tank. The water level can be adjusted to own insight. The tank can contain up to 17 liters of water, sufficient to offer a very provocative training session even for top athletes. Moreover, the Tunturi Pure Water Rower excels in ‘ease of use’: the training speaks of itself and the machine is virtually maintenance-free. Larissa Bremmer: `The Tunturi Pure Water Rower is ideal for use at home and suits perfectly with our philosophy, under the motto `It Easy to Feel Good’, to bring fitness at home and making it a part of daily habits.’

‘Home fitness’ is more popular than ever
With the introduction of the Tunturi Pure Water Rower 8.1, Tunturi responds to the growing attention to fitness. Quality of life, more awareness for a healthy lifestyle and preventing obesity, feeling fit, these are the most important reasons for this growing attention. Larissa Bremmer: “Fitness is popular. The main advantage of training at home is that you can do it whenever you want and for as long as you want, no matter the weather outside. And with the introduction of the Tunturi Pure Water Rower, fitness at home becomes even more attractive. That is why we keep emphasizing: “It’s Easy to Feel Good!” with Tunturi!

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