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BruceLee_Logo Bruce Lee believed that many martial artists spent too much time on form and technique, and not enough on physical conditioning. Bruce began to combine three keys of ‘total fitness’ into his exercise routine, muscular, strength, endurance and flexibility.*

Bruce constantly experimented with training routines to push the human body to its limits. He believed the abdominal muscles were vitaly important to the martial artists, as they coordinated all parts of the body and acted as the central generator to control the body’s actions. Bruce was a fanatic about abdominal training, building a combination of sit-ups, crunches, Roman Chair movements, leg raises and V-dips into his daily workout schedule.

Bruce was a true pioneer in strength resistance training, understanding that muscle size and strength were not necessarily linked. His resistance training focussed not only on muscles, but also the ligaments and tendons which he realised were equally important in his quest for total physical fitness. He created his own fitness machines to assist his training requirements which did not exist at the time, until a change meeting with Doctor Walter Marcyan.bruce lee fitness collectie

With an extensive Bruce Lee Fitness collection of high quality products, such as benches, boxing gloves, skipping ropes, and more, we want to make sure that “the legend lives on”. Scroll down to browse through our brochure to see the Bruce Lee collection (double click for zooming) or download it here as an pdf file.


* Source: Bruce Lee – The Art of Expressing the Human Body by John Little

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