The outdoor experience for your indoor training

T-Road™ is a unique motivational programme from Tunturi giving the experience of training outdoors, but inside the home. The user will see, experience and undergo the training through films – including some of the Tuscan landscape – on the user-friendly display. Showing real footage on the display during training sessions is not unique, but the whole T-Road™ concept is many strides ahead!

T-Road™ shows a real-life route through old towns, woods and mountains, with climbs and descents. The exercise bike or crosstrainer responds to the route just as a real bicycle would outside. The user can follow the route making optimum use of the gears. Experience a tough uphill climb or the ease of a descent; all this is possible with T-Road™.

Indeed, the trainer’s settings can be deployed to the full on the journey. The film on display fully reacts to the performance of the user; so the higher the speed, the faster the film runs on the ample 7-inch screen. An inspiring training session from start to finish. Seeing and experiencing it is living and doing it! The reward is the finishing line as well as the improvement in your health and physical condition in a fantastic way.

T-Road™ is a standard feature on the Tunturi top model exercise bikes and crosstrainers. A unique concept that you really must experience for yourself. Ask your Tunturi dealer for details and a demonstration.


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