Heart Rate Controlled Programmes

Why heart rate controlled programs are so important? Because the heart is the most important muscle to train!

Tunturi has a long-standing reputation for its innovative programmes in the field of heart rate measurement and control. Even in its early years, Tunturi developed displays and systems to measure heart rate with a very high level of accuracy. No unambiguous information, no ‘approximate’ data, but accurate measurements. These extremely accurate and proactive programmes are still unique in the home fitness equipment market. These many years of knowledge and experience mean that our heart rate measurements on Tunturi trainers are extremely accurate.

Your heart and your health are paramount to Tunturi. The essence of fitness lies in efficient and above all safe training and fun. It is with good reason that our slogan at Tunturi is “It’s easy to feel good”! It is the bridge between Tunturi’s passion in helping you improve your body’s condition and wellness, making you feel and look good!

Treat yourself with a Tunturi if you want to train safely and comfortably.



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