Fitness test

Monitor Pure 8Getting started is the hardest part, particularly if you want to train regularly. There are great benefits in training at home, but you also want to train safely, see quick results and you want to stay motivated! We can say in all conscience that Tunturi is your “personal trainer”. Most Tunturi trainers feature extremely accurate heart rate controlled programmes and equally importantly, an accurate Fitness Test.

Tunturi will always advise you to start by running through the Tunturi fitness test. This accurate test – a standard feature of the 40-level and above displays – is your point of reference. You simply enter your key details such as sex, age and weight and then follow the program. The Fitness Test will determine your physical condition. The advanced Tunturi display software will then help you to run through your training programmes. The level of training exercise is precisely tuned to the user, so you will never exercise above or below your level. This is essential if you want to exercise efficiently. In brief, Tunturi is your personal trainer who will guide you in improving your physical condition gradually and safely. You can see the results after each training session!

If you want to train using heart rate controlled programmes as well, Tunturi is the best you can buy on the home fitness market. Years of experience went into these programmes, Tunturi is and will remain the pioneer in heart rate controlled programmes. The software in the Tunturi console ensures an accurate, gradual and precise training regime at the pre-set heart rate. This is a prerequisite for physiotherapists, among whom Tunturi has built up an important reputation. That is a secure and reassuring thought for you!

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