Unique Tunturi!

With over 90 years of experience, Tunturi is the real frontrunner and innovator in fitness. From the invention of cardio training and the newest training apps, Tunturi always works on improvement of trainings results, safety and above all: fun! Since the 1970s, Tunturi has developed a lot of unique and patented features, such as:

T-Coach offers you plenty of ways of tracking and analysing your sessions with the help of your virtual coach. On the basis of this, the T-Coach offers you personal training advice, which will help you to easily make your training more efficient.

Experience that outdoor feeling while training indoors! All Tunturi top models are equipped with this patented invention. The user views, experiences and undergoes the training through films – including some of Tuscany – on the user friendly display. The film fully interacts with the performance of the user, so the higher the speed, the faster the film plays on the screen.

T-Ride™ is the basis of outdoor training simulation. T-Ride™ gives indoor training a completely new dimension. Experience cycling through different landscapes, graphically displayed.

The routes challenge you to use the gears to the optimum. Take up the challenge of climbing to the top and then cycling down to the bottom at full speed. The effect of using various gears is an experience in itself. This unique concept, T-Ride™ was developed and patented by Tunturi.

MP3 function
You can also play your favorite music while exercising. Simple and comfortable to listen to with the USB stick supplied as standard. Just put the USB stick in the console and the built-in speakers do the rest.

Fitness test
Have your own personal coach! The coach can guide you during the training exercise. Variety, motivation and effect are the keywords. Of course, it also takes a good “cooling down” period into account. This program will help you to use the crosstrainer as effectively as possible for a complete improvement of all muscle groups. The screen displays many different training options.

Heart rate control sensors
The heart rate is measured via sensors in the handgrips when this symbol is shown. This method is suitable for measuring your heart rate very simply in a simple way. The contact sensors are built into the grips on the handlebars.

Wireless heart rate measuring
This gives the user complete freedom during training. The chest belt sends the heart rate data to the monitor. This is ideal and important if the heart rate is to be accurately and continuously measured. The most reliable heart rate measurement.

T-Pulse heart rate training program
T-Pulse™ offers the user the most reliable, intelligent and complete heart rate training program. It is a unique Tunturi concept that perfects training on the basis of heart rate control even further. By adjusting its intensity, your Tunturi makes sure that you will stay within the heart rate setting you choose. Setting up the intensity and changing it is simple. Working safely and effectively on your health!

T-Scale tailor made programs
A Tunturi offers a wide range of pre-programmed training options. Every program can be adjusted to your own wishes and needs with T-Scale™ and just one push of a button. After all, training can be a little too much one day or just not quite enough on another; it’s up to you to choose. T-Scale™ offers the user virtually unlimited choice. What is important is that the program can be adjusted easily during the training without interruption. it. The time and/or distance can also be varied.

T-Gen ergometer
Tunturi ergometer trainers calculate individual energy use very precisely, measured in Kcal and power in Watts, whereas many other trainers only give an indication. The user receives an accurate calculation of the effort and progress showing the results achieved. These functions are important and essential if the aim of the training is to lose weight and/or improve your condition. An accurate display of calorie usage at the end of your training session is an important motivation to train regularly. We are the only producer who calibrates each ergometer.




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