About Tunturi

Tunturi New Fitness
Is a key player in the rapid developing worldwide market for fitness equipment and wellness. As the proud owner of well known brands such as Tunturi Platinum PRO, Tunturi Pure, Tunturi GO en Bruce Lee Fitness. Tunturi New Fitness has the ambition to serve a broad number of segments in the market:
– consumers (‘home fitness’);
– professional users, such as gyms and fysiotherapists;
– ‘in company’ fitness in offices and other organisations.

Our brands stand, each with their own unique perspective, for continuous innovation, attractive design, top quality and a reliable service.

Strong local presence
We have specialized retail partners and resellers in more than 60 countries. Overall, Tunturi New Fitness is responsible for strategy, business development and the coordination of marketing, product and service development, production planning, purchasing and in- and outsourcing. Tunturi New Fitness is located in Almere (close to Amsterdam, Holland).

In line with sustainable international trends, to be summarized as ‘a healthier lifestyle and more exercise’, Tunturi New Fitness believes that strong brands and the creation of innovative and distinctive products and services that appeal to consumers, are the key success elements. We see that the role of internet as a sales channel grows in many markets. However, the specialized retail sector will continue to play a role in selling high-quality products, which require advice, an explanation of the added value and a well-organized after-sales service. Tunturi New Fitness supports its retail partners with product training, an extensive line of promotional items and, of course, the best products!




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